Grade 12 Experience

  • How do you feel about leaving and next year?

Is AIS really my comfort zone, or have I not yet found my new place of comfort? All the memories made, all the friends I’ve made - these will never be forgotten. Starting fresh seems very delightful yet terrifying, but it will force me to grow and learn new things about myself. Will this time alone lead me to try things I have never thought about doing before?

Being surrounded by people who have the same interests as me sounds very enjoyable, but surrounding myself with people who have others interests will also broaden my way of thinking.

High school has taught me many things about myself, such as the people I want to surround myself with, the subjects that interest me.

It is a very small step into making myself the person I want to be, but it is very crucial since this is where we learn the fundamentals of our personalities. These will not only grow but change as we make new experiences and I think that is what frightens me the most but also excites me the most.

Change is always good; especially, when you have chosen the journey you want to go on.

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