IDEA: Fluxx Cards

May 29, 2019

Miss Cleo (Keeper): When active, Miss Cleo links you psychically to another player of your choice. All of the linked player's active Keepers and Creepers are simultaneously active for you as well, and can help or hinder you, including winning or preventing a win.

Mutual Destruction (Action): For each one of your active Keepers you voluntarily discard, you may choose any other active Keeper on the table to be simultaneously discarded.

The Dog (Keeper): The Dog negates the effect of “Dead Friends” (in Zombie Fluxx) for the player he is in front of, and chases The Cat to the player on your right.

The Cat (Keeper): When in play in front of you at the start of your turn, The Cat chases one Creeper of your choosing to the player on your left, after which The Cat runs and hides (place The Cat card in the middle of the draw pile).

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