Reflection on the debates

What was the biggest challenge for you?

Throughout the debate, I noticed that I found it extremely hard to concentrate. However I do think I was more concentrated in the first half of the debate because it was just the start of the debate and I had my mind focused on what I had to do, I did get more distracted throughout the debate because in the second have the debate, it was relaxed, I didn't feel as tensed as in the first half of the debate as compared to the second part of the debate, I think it was I was really stressed for the debates because I had not seen the ones before. I did find it extremely hard to keep my mind focused on one topic because my mind had a million thoughts flowing all over my mind.

I also have a fear of public speaking, therefore I was extremely nervous because I had to speak in a front of people. Especially for my four minute speech. My hands were shanking throughout the debate, especially the times I had to get up and speak. I do think the flashcards for the speech was exceptionally useful because of my hand shaking. I do hope no one saw my hands shaking. I do thinks this was a great experience because I do think I did build up some confidence.

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