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Prose text questions and answers

Outline two ways in which Pilkington gives you a sense of perspective in the first 8 lines of the text? [2 marks]

The two ways that Pilkington gives me a sense of perspective in the first 8 lines of the text is the descriptive language he has used and these 8 lines are also very opinionated which give me a sense of perspective.

Identify two ways in which the author makes the description of the toad killings memorable. [2 marks]

One way the author makes the description of the toad killings memorable is the fact he tells us that an everyday object (scissors) is used to kill the toads which in my opinion is very unexpected The other way his is humour, like †he toad massacre.

Select two examples of humour from the text and analyse the effect of each on the reader. [4 marks]

One example is one the very first things he said which was when the Chinese read books they read it from top to bottom and then back to the top again which I think has a lot of humour. The second example is the fish bowl incident, and how he talks about if they are for eating nor nit which just shows how ignorant he can be since has just arrived in the country.

Video questions

Outline two ways in which sound plays a role in this scene. (Do not include comments on the use of voice-over here). [2 marks]

There are voices in the background which are diegetic and there is also background music which is non - diegetic.

What is the overall effect of the voice-over in this extract? Select two examples of voice over commentary and analyse their effect on the viewer. [4 marks]

One of them is the egg which create a gruesome effect which is very opinionated

Outline two ways in which Pilkington makes the scorpion eating scene humorous through his spoken language in the scene. Give an example of each. [4 marks]

How emotion is conveyed through music and sound

In this scene, from 1:31:10 mins to 1:34:09, they used music and sound to convey his emotions. They did this by showing how using all of these sounds:

Scary music and talking effect (echos): When Joe was muttering or singing to himself, he would do so in this frightening talking effect. After the image was taken, this effect was applied (so it was a non-diegetic sound). This was done to demonstrate his mental condition to us, the spectators.

From 1:33:10, a muffled song from Boney M starts playing.The level is incredibly low, and the music rewinds and replays many times in 1:34:23, creating a dizzying sensation. This is consistent with Joe's hallucinations. The music builds gradually, and at 1:34:37, the cheerful tune is significantly louder. This cadence is particularly intriguing since it contrasts with Joe's terrible position, which just adds to the strangeness of the scenario.

English Movie Scene


  • Put some of your presentation ideas into writing
  • Use correct terms into writing

Use these words
Diegetic - what you see
Non - diegetic - added after

In this scene, Simon decides that after hours of holding Joe off of the cliff, he remembers that he has a penknife in his back pocket and cuts the rope. Joe falls 150ft and lands into a crevasse.The thing that interested me the most in this scene is the visuals that are portrayed and the way they are portrayed. However the visuals in this scene are quite unclear. What I mean by this is for example when they show Simon, most of his body is shown as a mid shot but the background is a white snowy background with the darkness of the sky. However the quality isn’t clear because the wind and snow is blowing all around him which shows the danger and position the characters are in.

I had 10 - 15 minutes to write this

Emotions used in the analysis of emotions in chapter

Emotions used in the analysis of emotions in chapter

In the book Touching The Void by the author Joe Simpson, I will be describing the emotions experienced by the writer as we read in paragraph one page twenty one. In this paragraph the main emotion is the feeling of isolation. This sets the tone for the paragraph. In this text the use of language techniques such as adjectives, ellipsis, alliteration, opposites indicates the different emotions in this paragraph. For example: “ .. I knew what it meant to feel isolated from people .... “ would also be one example of the two characters feeling isolated. They might be feeling isolated because they are climbing a mountain and there is nobody there besides the two of them. However I also do think the author is trying to foreshadow the feeling of happiness. I think I can get a hint of this sense of happiness from this sentence “ I became aware of a feeling of complete freedom - to do what I wanted when I wanted to, in whatever manner.” I think this gives a huge indication that the author, Joe, is feeling really happy due to the lack of responsibilities compared to if was living in the city.