Task 2: Creative writing

I stand here by the remains of my favorite ride, the carousel, in what is left of my favorite theme park. I can see the carousel abandoned, broken and all alone, the sky appears gloomy and dull. It kind of gives a creepy sensation, like something or someone is watching over me. The carousel did not have the bright, vibrant colors I remember them having. The colors are slowly fading away, like somehow this ride had changed and went into a hellhole.

The carousel looks as if it is screaming for help, begging on its knees just hoping that help will come. The dried out, half broken, unpleasing carousel looks like it has gone through an element of disaster. It appears as if mother nature has swept away all the light, as thunderous clouds gather around dimming the evening. Simultaneously, the wind gathers momentum as the crumpling leaves dance uncontrollably, hence, immersing it into an empty and faded atmosphere.

As I stand there, I realize mother nature might be trying to teach mankind a lesson. A lesson that we desperately need to be taught, because of the impact that mankind makes on the environment. As I stand here, the nostalgia takes over me; memories of the times I went on the carousel because of the fresh smell of the wood, the rain, the feel of joyful nature but what I didn't know was that we were slowly killing our home. This was the rage of mother nature, to show how powerful she is.

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