The Appeal of Conspiracy Theories

Facts are hard. Going to college is hard.

Consider a high-school dropout, full of himself. The last thing he tells his classmates is "you'll see!"

But life is tough. Life does not give a shit about your dreams, only your hard work. This guy is all talk and no action. His dreams accumulate but he's still an "associate" at Walmart at age 39.

The chance to go back to school is still there but he's not going to take it. If he didn't push forward when it was easier, he won't do it now. And he's not going to concede defeat. Of course he won't, he's still full of himself.

Going to college is tough work. Worse, the outcome is uncertain. College is not for everyone, but life for those who skip college is not easy street either. What are the options for our guy? Go back to do the hard work of building a career or starting a business, all for an uncertain reward? Or create his own reality?

People who trade on conspiracy theories are instant experts. You don't need experience when you get to make up your own bullshit. It's all fantasy but who cares? He's found a tribe and recognition.

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