OSaD, D10, Spirituality

The material world is obvious. Even more than obvious, it's intrusive, there is no escaping and no denying. Not even animals can escape it--as long as they are alive. The spiritual world, on the other hand, requires intention, work, awareness, concentration, focus--arduous work. From the material world, the spiritual world looks hazy, murky. Our eyes are not accustomed to the warped physics of the spiritual world, how the light is bent, refracted and reflected in the atmosphere that stands between the material and the spiritual world. The material world is undeniable. Modern, current science has established itself in the material world. There is nothing, really, that impedes science's recognition of the spiritual world. In fact, in the future, science will work with the spiritual realm. Meanwhile, science is blind to it, and, almost as a consequence, denies it.

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