You should not carry all the guests along with you all day, invite them immediately to the wedding ceremony. The first half of the wedding day, as a photographer, I pay attention to the couple and their experiences. The second half of the wedding day since the ceremony, I try to devote as much as possible to guests, friends and relatives. Make a lot of group and individual portraits and reportage frames.
The arrangement of the table for painting and glasses of champagne should not overlap the wedding arch.
It is better to place the wedding arch with its back to the sun, then the light on the faces of the young will be even and comfortable.Witnesses and ceremonies of the master are better placed slightly to the right or left than the wedding arch itself under which the young will stand.The master of ceremonies is in no hurry to read his text as quickly as possible in 3 minutes and go home as quickly as possible, but he reads it as long and slow as possible, a text agreed in advance with you, therefore, this is the most valuable time that the wedding photographer uses to photograph guests, couples, emotions of parents, the general plan of the ceremony, details of the decor of the ceremony, close-up of the young, the process of leaving and putting on the rings, the emotions of the couple. As you know, in 3-4 minutes it’s very difficult to photograph all this, and after all, the ceremony is very often the most basic component of the wedding budget and it is very surprising for me when the whole wedding ceremony ends in 7-10 minutes.
The groom is in a hurry to go to the wedding arch. It is advisable to go slowly, to enjoy the moment, then we can have time to photograph both the moment of its release and the reaction of the guests.
he bride, on the contrary, cannot rush because of the length of the dress, but she has another problem, she looks under her feet so as not to fall. It’s better to go slower, but not look under your feet, but look forward, get high from this moment and look forward to a solemn event.When the couple puts on the rings, it is advisable for the bride to give the wedding bouquet to the witness or to someone nearby, otherwise it is likely to close the process of dressing the rings with them.

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