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Getting married is stressful enough without having to worry about what gifts you’re going to get. As quality general department stores begin to disappear, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for soon to be married couples to find retail locations to host a registry. It’s important to register somewhere that has a wide selection of quality products and is accessible to all your guests.

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How to Make Your Wedding Day Picture Perfect

So, you’re getting married. This is such an exciting time! While you’re busy gushing over your future spouse to your friends, planning a perfect beach honeymoon, and sketching out your guest list, you’re also probably starting to pay more attention to the wedding photos you scroll past on social media. While before you always tapped those photos with a quick “like” and moved on with your day, now you’re looking at them a bit more intensely. Instead of admiring the photos, you’re wondering how you too can get such perfect pictures of your big day. Here’s the thing — you don’t have to be a model to take breathtaking wedding photos. Yep, it’s true! Let’s talk more about a few of the ways you can make your wedding day look picture perfect.

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Waterski Lifestyle Family Shoot

For Nelson Family waterski is not just a sport, it's a family lifestyle. So when Arturo and Karla decided to set up family shoot, there was no question that their waterski lifestyle will be a major part of the the shoot. Family that waterski together, stays together. Vast majority of world-class water-skiers have family backgrounds in the sport. They learned it at very young age and past it on to new generation of skiers. This lifestyle epitomizes being on the lake with friends and family.


Choosing a Wedding Dress

What could be more romantic than a wedding ceremony on the ocean. Waves breaking at your feet and snow-white sand between your toes will create an ideal tropical atmosphere of a wedding celebration. In preparation for the beach ceremony, it is very important to pay due attention to the choice of a wedding dress, which is ideal for the tropical theme in style and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. In this regard, we have selected a short list of the most useful tips that will help you choose the perfect dress in which you will look and feel great on your most important day.

Fabric selection

A huge number of different fabrics are used to make wedding dresses and their choice is also great but not all of them are suitable for the ceremony on the beach. Some materials are too warm, you will feel hot and uncomfortable in them, while others are too tender for a beach ceremony and photo shoot, they can be easily ruined when wet. But there are certain materials that are ideal for this topic, we recommend fabrics such as chiffon, charmeuse and tulle.

Chiffon is perhaps the most popular material for a beach ceremony. He gained his popularity due to his lightness and airiness. In addition, this material practically does not crease, which is its indisputable advantage. The chiffon is very easy to smooth and perfectly fits the figure.

Charmeuse (light satin) is almost weightless and very soft material, which makes it ideal for a wedding on the beach. In addition, this material has an amazing sheen that looks great in photographs. But it is better not to wet it in the ocean, when wet it can easily break.

Fatin is another popular material for a beach wedding dress. Besides the fact that it is light and magnificent, and this perfectly adds volume to the wedding dress, this material is also not at all expensive, so the dress will not be a pity to stain in the sand.

Style selection
A tropical beach wedding is generally less formal than a traditional wedding in a registry office or church. Therefore, a classic magnificent wedding dress may look inappropriate on the beach. The ideal dress for such a celebration is light, airy, creating a soft and smooth silhouette of your body.

In addition, we recommend avoiding dresses with a long train stretching along the ground. In the photographs, the train that stretches along the coast behind you looks spectacular only until it gets dirty and wet. It is ideal that such a train be unfastened from the dress, then it can be fastened especially for photographs and unfastened if it is very dirty and will spoil the image.

Many brides rely on high heels when trying on dresses, because they can change the whole appearance of both the dress and the bride in it. However, do not forget that a beach wedding dress should look equally good both with high heels, and with flat shoes or even bare feet.

How to travel with a wedding dress?
Traveling with a wedding dress can be quite difficult and even expensive. The smaller and lighter your dress, the less stress you will get during the flight. We highly recommend that you purchase a special cover for the dress and costume. We do not recommend handing the dress over if it will be possible; just take the dress packaged in the case directly on board. Only in this case you can be sure that your dress will not be ruined or lost.

When checking into the hotel, immediately discuss with the hotel staff whether they can iron and steam your dress the day before the ceremony. If there is no such service at the hotel, will they be able to provide an iron in your room. If you are afraid to spoil the dress with self-ironing, it is better to contact a professional dry cleaning service.

Remember that you need to take a small sewing kit with you so that in case of slight damage during a long journey, you yourself can tidy up your dress.

If you don’t want to trouble yourself with a voluminous wedding dress, you can rent it from us upon arrival. We pre-selected dresses that are best suited for the beach ceremony and in general for the ceremony in the tropics. Our staff will send you options for dresses, and upon arrival in Bali will bring the selected dress directly to the hotel for fitting.


It seems to us that it is not worth worrying about wedding signs. Moreover, some of them are very good. We offer you the TOP-7 of the happiest signs that promise a long and cloudless life together.

They say that if the bride combed her left palm during a wedding banquet, then the married life will be not only long, but also rich.

Rain or snow at the wedding - much to my happiness. So do not worry about the bad weather at the holiday. Better - how to prepare: stock up with umbrellas, raincoats and options for a photo shoot indoors.

The bride’s tears on the wedding day also prophesy a happy marriage. If the bride cries at the wedding (of happiness, of course), then the marriage will not cry.

Getting lost (getting stuck in traffic) during a trip to the ceremony is a great sign. Some advise specifically to go to a wedding on a long and confusing road to scare away evil spirits.

To stumble or fall on a wedding day is not bad at all. This was considered evidence that you have found your soul mate.

If you think that the wedding is in December, to the fact that you freeze, you are mistaken.The love of spouses who married in December will be stronger every year.


We are sure that you are preparing for the wedding very carefully, thinking through every little thing. However, some things could be missed. We have prepared 7 of the most important tips that will help make your wedding easy and carefree. And you - look and feel 100% on this romantic day!

All tips are based on the experience of our brides. They gladly shared with us their observations and life hacks!

  1. Have a hearty breakfast before the wedding!
    In excitement and in a hurry, you can forget about food and remember about it only on the way to the registry office. Then you will have neither the opportunity nor the time to eat. And hunger is not the best companion of the bride. Remember to have breakfast and, just in case, take a snack with you (e.g. fruits, cheese, cookies).

  2. Do not spare money on trial makeup and hair
    Even if you trust your stylist, you need to make a probe to roughly imagine what suits you and what does not. A lot of stories about how brides had to do their hair or makeup on their wedding day, because they did not go professional, make you think.

  3. Make a spare boutonniere
    After the wedding ceremony, all guests will certainly want to hug you. And the more guests, the greater the chance that your groom’s buttonhole will take over and lose his appearance. Take a spare so as not to worry about such a trifle!

  4. Antistatic wedding dress
    Almost all wedding dresses are sewn from synthetic materials, so no one gives a guarantee that your outfit will not start to stick to your legs. Handle the antistatic spray well and forget that such a problem could ruin your appearance!

  5. Do not press the wedding bouquet to your chest
    The main fear of the bride is to ruin the wedding dress. Therefore, keep the bridal bouquet at a distance and in no case press it so as not to get dirty.

  6. Try on the wedding dress again 1-2 weeks before the holiday
    If you buy a wedding dress in advance, be sure to wear it again in a few weeks to make sure that it still fits perfectly. You could lose weight or get better, buy other shoes or new underwear. For 1-2 weeks, you can have time to adjust the wedding outfit by your standards!

  7. Do not worry about trifles!
    Do not let some troubles spoil your holiday. Incidents and unforeseen situations are what you will remember with your husband for many more years and laugh at them. Remember, if you can fix something, do it, if not, relax and start enjoying the wedding! After all, you have it once in a lifetime!

Wedding photosession - tips for a successful photo

Wedding photo shoot has long become a tradition. These photos serve as the basis for the family archive, which the children will subsequently continue. Choosing a creative wedding photographer is the key secret to the success of the upcoming photo shoot. In addition, it should be pleasant to work with this person, since the quality of wedding photos will largely depend on how free and comfortable future newlyweds feel. No one will want to see photos where all the gestures of the bride and groom look unnatural. How to avoid a similar situation?

First of all, for the success of a photo shoot you need to understand how a wedding photographer is right for you. To do this, you need to meet him in advance and get acquainted with examples of his work, as well as discuss the style of the upcoming photo shoot. A professional with great experience will immediately offer you already prepared solutions or come up with new ones based on your own ideas.

If the photographer offers you a free trial photo session, try to make time for it. This is a great opportunity to experiment and in practice to verify the professionalism of the master. At such a photo shoot, you can determine the appropriate lighting and learn about the techniques used in professional photography. Also at such a photo shoot you can discuss the route of the wedding walk.

You can always hear advice from a professional photographer about which poses will be most advantageous for you. Although, according to the results of the trial photo shoot, you yourself will be able to choose the best option. Incidentally, for the same purposes, it is worth taking the advice of Hollywood movie stars. For example, a slightly raised look will hide circles under the eyes, and tense clavicles distract attention from a chubby chin.

A good wedding photography specialist will be able to familiarize you with other nuances, but it will be better to learn a little about this in advance. In particular, mother-of-pearl shades and sparkles are far from always suitable for wedding photography. Be sure to take care of a good foundation, especially if you will do your own wedding makeup. Do not forget to evenly apply foundation in the neck and on the tips of the ears. After all, a small difference in colors may not be too noticeable in life, but in wedding photographs it is always striking. Although a professional photographer is able to correct even such shortcomings.


You should not carry all the guests along with you all day, invite them immediately to the wedding ceremony. The first half of the wedding day, as a photographer, I pay attention to the couple and their experiences. The second half of the wedding day since the ceremony, I try to devote as much as possible to guests, friends and relatives. Make a lot of group and individual portraits and reportage frames.
The arrangement of the table for painting and glasses of champagne should not overlap the wedding arch.
It is better to place the wedding arch with its back to the sun, then the light on the faces of the young will be even and comfortable.Witnesses and ceremonies of the master are better placed slightly to the right or left than the wedding arch itself under which the young will stand.The master of ceremonies is in no hurry to read his text as quickly as possible in 3 minutes and go home as quickly as possible, but he reads it as long and slow as possible, a text agreed in advance with you, therefore, this is the most valuable time that the wedding photographer uses to photograph guests, couples, emotions of parents, the general plan of the ceremony, details of the decor of the ceremony, close-up of the young, the process of leaving and putting on the rings, the emotions of the couple. As you know, in 3-4 minutes it’s very difficult to photograph all this, and after all, the ceremony is very often the most basic component of the wedding budget and it is very surprising for me when the whole wedding ceremony ends in 7-10 minutes.
The groom is in a hurry to go to the wedding arch. It is advisable to go slowly, to enjoy the moment, then we can have time to photograph both the moment of its release and the reaction of the guests.
he bride, on the contrary, cannot rush because of the length of the dress, but she has another problem, she looks under her feet so as not to fall. It’s better to go slower, but not look under your feet, but look forward, get high from this moment and look forward to a solemn event.When the couple puts on the rings, it is advisable for the bride to give the wedding bouquet to the witness or to someone nearby, otherwise it is likely to close the process of dressing the rings with them.

South Florida Wedding Photographer's Top Tips

There is no one day in your life that should be as memorable as your wedding day. That is why getting the best South Florida wedding photographer is non-negotiable. With a professional photographer you will get the greatest moments of your beautiful day captured in a magical way. However, there a few things you need to do to make your wedding photos stunning. Here are a few tips to fabulous snapshots.

Don't Miss a Perfect Shot: Creating a Wedding Photo Timeline

Your wedding day is a truly special day. You’ll want to capture every sweet, romantic moment so that you can treasure it for years. One way to make sure that you don’t miss a moment is to create a wedding photo timeline. This helps you plan specific moments throughout the day and ensure that enough time is allotted for each activity. Your wedding day will fly by quickly and you want to enjoy every moment. Also, many times wedding run slightly behind schedule so by scheduling enough time for every shot means that it will run more smoothly and be less stressful. There are several photographs that couples cherish throughout the years of their marriage. As every wedding is different and special so you may have some photographs that you want beyond these suggestions. These ideas should help get you started planning your ideal wedding photo timeline.


In preparation for the wedding, one of the important issues for newlyweds remains the location for the wedding photo shoot.

You must first choose a place together with your photographer based on the location of specific locations: registry office, home or hotel, restaurant.

Perhaps the couple has their own memorable, symbolic places that they would like to visit.

To choose the ideal places for shooting, you need to think through everything and take into account some factors:

First, decide which style of photo is closer to you.

If you prefer reportage pictures, then you can safely go to the main attractions of the city. Walking near them, you can make lively beautiful shots.

And if you are closer to staged photography, you need to choose a picturesque and calm place where no one will distract you from posing in front of the camera.

If the wedding takes place in the warm season, then there is nothing better than a photo shoot in nature. Manors, parks, beaches - all this can be a great backdrop for your walk.

But the best option is a place in which there is both a building and a park area. In case of rain, you can hold a wedding photo shoot indoors.

If the wedding is planned in winter or late autumn, then you need to bet on shooting indoors.

It can be supplemented by a short walk through the snowdrifts and a photo shoot in a snowy park, but you should not focus on this background only, because bad weather does not contribute to the beautiful appearance of the young and their rainbow-colored mood.

You can always arrange a chic photoset in a hotel, in one of the halls of restaurants or in any other place with an interesting interior.

And most importantly - remember, if you are sincere, then any location will be transformed and become the background for the most lively photos.

Why do you need a wedding photo shoot on a separate day?

Wedding photo session on a separate day is a trend for which brides are not always ready. We decided to talk about the benefits of such a choice and share the main secrets

In addition to pleasant memories of a happy holiday, plunge into the past wedding day and remember how it was, wedding photos help a couple in love. But if before a photo shoot was an integral attribute of a wedding day, now you can observe the tendency to conduct wedding photography on a separate day, for which brides are not always ready. This applies to both shooting with the groom and the morning photo shoot. “But what about emotions?” - one of the most common questions that sounds from future brides. All the preparations for the wedding are that one incredible emotion: from the marriage proposal to the end of the honeymoon. Therefore, to think that your emotions may not be so happy and your feelings are not as strong as on your wedding day is a small, but still a mistake.

When the first question can be resolved, the following arise: related to signs that the groom should not see the bride’s dress before the wedding and the additional costs of makeup and hairstyle. And even to these questions, experts have a number of answers. After all, the bride always has a second wedding dress, which she will wear for a wedding dinner, and trial makeup and hairstyle in the salon can always be combined with the day of shooting.

Forget about the excitement

It rarely happens that newlyweds can feel completely free in front of the camera. And, given that they try on wedding images not every day, the excitement in front of the lens increases significantly. Having a photo shoot on a separate day, you have a great opportunity to see yourself in the frame in advance and get to know the photographer better. After all, this person with a camera should become your friend on your wedding day. Communicating in private and experimenting with shots, the wedding photographer will always share the secrets of posing with you so that you can relax and feel comfortable. At the same time, ideas for holding a photo shoot will become more diverse and will find an interesting frame.

Keep calm

And to the excitement, you can recall the guests who, at best, spend less than an hour waiting for the newlyweds. But, you must admit that an hour is too little for photos that should remind you of the happiest holiday. Remember that a wedding is always tight timing, and high-quality photography can take at least several hours, which, due to limited time, is simply impossible. Allow yourself to take your time in trying to make good shots and do not force the guests to wait for you, but spend this time with them, knowing that you already have amazing wedding shots. This will help preserve a good mood and a boost of energy for a wedding dinner and communication with loved ones.

Engagement photoshoot - love on the photo!

When you and your soulmate are together - it's great! Of course, you cannot stop time, but you can make it so that you return to the best moments of your meetings. How? Very simple!

Engagement photography is your key to the best shared memories. Human memory is short-lived, touching, tender or funny pictures of you and your soulmate will come to its aid. Any event - whether it be a romantic walk together in the park, boating, or maybe even your wedding, can be made more vivid, and most importantly, memorable for a long time, thanks to the Miami engagement photography.

In addition to wonderful memories, an engagement photo session will be a great surprise for your loved one, such a sign of attention will show how precious your joint walks are to you. If you are planning a wedding, then such a photo story will be a great help in the preparation. As a rule, people who do not work in the modeling sphere often do not know where to put themselves in front of the camera, they are shy, pinched and cannot relax. Love story will serve as a kind of rehearsal for wedding photography. You can feel how it is to behave organically and relaxed in front of the camera lens, the photographer will tell you how not to be distracted by the camera, not to feel constrained. The ability to relax is one of the most important moments in photography. After all, only if you enjoy what is happening will truly vivid, vivid pictures be obtained.

What to wear for a family photo shoot in the summer?

How to choose clothes for a family summer photo shoot?

If you are reading this article, it means that you are planning a family summer photo session soon . How to dress for a photo shoot? How to choose clothes for photography for the whole family, so that the photos look harmonious? What colors should I wear? Is it worth it to look for the same clothes or for great family shots you can just stick to the same style and color scheme? What clothes should be excluded? You will learn about all this in this article.

So, for starters, let's figure out what family look is and is it needed? Family look - clothes in the same style for the whole family. This is not necessarily the same clothing, as many people think, it is a single style and color combination of things, which means that family look is required for family shots. Agree dad in a tracksuit, mom in an elegant dress, and a daughter in pajamas, while running on a sunflower field, will look strange.

Take the choice of clothing for shooting very seriously, it is worth starting to think through the images in advance, so that you have time to go shopping and buy the missing items and accessories.

Color scheme, how to choose?

Most likely your summer photo session is planned outdoors. It can be either a forest, or the shore of a reservoir, or a flowering field. Look what colors are combined with your place of shooting, for example, if the photo shoot takes place in the forest, then you should choose a color solution that matches the green color of the foliage. This does not mean that all family members should be dressed in the same color. Up to three colors will harmoniously look in the frame, not counting white, black and gray - stylists call them achromatic, so feel free to combine them with others. So, having chosen one main color, add accents and details of other colors to it, which will resonate with each other, and look harmoniously on the general plan. The easiest way is to take white or beige as the basis and choose a companion color for it, possibly a seasonally fashionable shade. Or you can push off from a certain pattern, for example, if your mom has a striped tunic, pick up clothes or accessories with stripes for other family members, combining it with plain clothes. Solid colors separate a person from the background of nature, a variety of colors, textures, colors. Do not choose too bright, colorful clothes, it will attract too much attention, Nevertheless, the focus should be primarily on you. For a change, you can add patterns to children's clothes, for example, pick up a floral dress for your daughter or a plaid shirt for your son.

Basic colors that you should pay attention to when choosing clothes for a summer photo shoot:

White, beige, ivory, gray, nude. Light delicate colors are usually self-sufficient and do not require additions.
Blue, blue and their shades from dusty blue to indigo. Blue is a very restrained color, it can be soft and clean, but, nevertheless, it is multifaceted and refreshes the simplest image, gives it a discreet, but attractive color highlight. Combining this rather finicky color is better with neutral shades: gray, white, nude or powdery.
Pink, muffled: dusty or pastel.
Yellow and its shades, and canary - in general, the trend of the summer of 2018. Canary perfectly combines with pink, white, green and ultraviolet.
Violet and its shades. By the way, Pantone experts called Ultraviolet the main color of the year. Saturated, cosmic purple, as if glowing from the inside - will definitely attract attention.

Details create the family image, which is why do not forget about accessories: jewelry, light scarves, hats - will finalize your image. “Layers” in clothes are a thrown jacket or cardigan, an open shirt, a vest. All these tricks make your image more interesting, more intense.

After composing the images, put things on the floor, add accessories, take a photo. Send the photo to the family photographer, maybe he will advise you to change something or, on the contrary, he will praise him for an excellent choice.

What style of clothing to choose for a family summer photo shoot in nature?

Choose natural fabrics: linen, cotton, silk, satin. Loose-fitting, lightweight clothing. The most popular looks: casual, here your favorite looks are suitable, which can be easily revived with professional makeup and styling. Also, the styles of rustic, marine, safari will look winning.

Choose for mom:

  • sundresses, tunics dresses from flowing fabric

  • denim shorts, skirts, jumpsuits

  • tops, t-shirts and shirts

  • flat sandals, moccasins, slip-ons

  • hats

Categorical no:

  • shoes with heels, elegant and cocktail dresses, sequins and rhinestones

For Dad:

  • jeans or linen trousers, Bermuda

  • shirts with rolled up sleeves, plain polo and t-shirts

  • sneakers, moccasins

Categorical no:

  • sneakers, T-shirts with sports logos


  • sundresses, tunics dresses from flowing fabric

  • denim shorts, skirts, jumpsuits

  • tops, t-shirts and shirts

  • flat sandals, moccasins, slip-ons

Categorical no:

  • elegant dresses with ruffles, sequins and rhinestones


  • jeans or linen trousers, Bermuda

  • shirts with rolled up sleeves, plain polo and t-shirts

  • sneakers, moccasins

Categorical no:

  • sandals, sneakers, T-shirts with sports logos

5 Things You Should Know About Wedding Photography

There is something unique about being a wedding photographer. This is a work that is filled with joyful moments and happiness. A wedding photographer plays a significant role in someone’s best day. In addition, you can make good money by filming these joyful moments. Could this be a career for you? Well, this is, of course, a great idea, but there are some things you need to know before you take the decisive step.

Before you begin your journey as a professional wedding photographer, here are 10 things you should know:

It all starts with the right set of equipment

It makes no sense to become a wedding photographer if you do not know anything about your equipment. Photographers rely on their equipment, just like birds rely on their wings - this is an absolute must!

You need to understand what equipment works best in wedding formats and what settings you should use to get the best shots.

Here is some equipment a wedding photographer should have:

*Cameras (main and 1 spare)
*Medium zoom lens, e.g. 24-70 f / 2.8
*Telephoto lens, e.g. 70-200mm
*Wide angle lens and fixed lens
*External flash (speedlight)
*Memory cards and batteries
*Flash diffuser
*Camera bag

This is just the basic set that I use when shooting weddings. Do not forget about lighting. Lighting can save or ruin a photo shoot, and when it comes to weddings, light is part of art, and it is very important.

Get ready for a long and tiring day

As a rule, you forget how long the wedding lasts. When someone hires you to photograph their holiday, they usually want you to be with them all day.

This means that you should start in the morning, before the guests begin to gather, take photographs during the ceremony, which can last several hours, and then shoot the banquet. And this is not to mention the travel time to the place of shooting.

After the official part is over, everyone goes to the banquet hall and can have fun until late at night. This way you can work until almost midnight.

It physically and mentally depletes, so make sure you are ready for it. You better sleep well the day before and check and assemble the equipment in advance. Keep a few bottles of water and some snack foods next to you. This will allow you to work with great comfort all day.

Remember that to maintain inspiration you should have a good rest and periodically look for new ideas for shooting, otherwise everything will become a chore and you will lose interest in the job.

Find out who specifically hired you

It can be a bride or one of the parents. In any case, you should know who your boss is on this big day.

What for? Because he dictates what and how you will do. Talk to them so that you understand what they want from you and what type of photos should come out. If you do not know who hired you, then you do not know how to please them!

The easiest way is to ask a couple of questions before shooting to understand their vision for this big day. Each wedding has its own story, perhaps they have a certain idea or place in which they would like to shoot. Find these stories and use them as a guide to create a wedding photo shoot story.

It's all for your reputation.

Wedding photographers are usually hired directly by couples or those who plan and organize the wedding. Thus, confusion may arise over who you really work for. Technically, you don’t work for the organizer, but you still need to take into account his opinion and take into account his schedule and schedule of events.

Basically, you need to make sure that you meet such a high standard of professionalism that your work can be used on the sites of event organizers. Thus, you and they will receive advertising. As a result, everyone will gain an increase in reputation.

If you establish good relations with the organizers, they will recommend you to their customers, which will help develop your business!

By the end of the day, and after the couple sees a beautiful wedding album, they will write a review, positively affect their reputation and bring more orders.

You need to be different

Why should someone hire you if your photos are identical to other wedding photographers? So, you have to make yourself stand out, which is done with a unique photo.

Practice is paying off. Start practicing as often as possible, even while at home. Design a wedding photography style that is different from what you already have. This will give you a unique sales advantage and make your services more attractive.