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How to get best wedding images. Wedding photographer tips

Choose a true professional, not a person with a digital camera and a website. Make sure that the photographer has a special education or has passed a sufficient photographic school and has gained great experience working as an assistant or independently, which allows him to confidently shoot under any circumstances and conditions. Expect the cost of a professional wedding photographer to be around $ 3000 to $6000. When you find a cool wedding photographer, book him/her right away! The best photographers are booked for a year or more in advance and they are always busy. Nothing is more frustrating than missing on your favorite photographer.

If the newlyweds did their homework well, choosing an experienced and responsible wedding photographer, you should not demand from him too many frames and their takes - the main thing is not the quantity, but the quality and content of the photos. Sometimes brides want to save a little or feel that the presence of two photographers at a wedding will be too intrusive. But think about it: the second photographer offers throughout the day yet another unique point of view and perspectives that the first will not have.

Engagement photosession will help the bride and groom feel more confident and comfortable in front of the camera and will allow you to get photos in a fun and informal atmosphere. Also, during the shooting of love story, the newlyweds will see how and when the photographer jokes and asks to do something to get the right mood in the frame, which develops a trusting and comfortable feeling during the wedding day.

Beauty is really very subjective. I ask my clients to send a photo of themselves before the wedding, where they like themselves, and one on which they did not work out. Before the wedding, tell the wedding photographer about photos that you don’t like. It can be anything: “We don’t like pictures that we don’t smile at” or “We don’t want to have close-up portraits taken with a wide-angle lens - it fills us up and we look kind of weird.” It is better to discuss all the technical features before shooting, otherwise, after such comments during the shooting, the creative spark of the photographer may completely fade away.

alk to your photographer before completing a schedule for your wedding. There are many important points to consider - when is it better to take pictures during the day and at what time is the most beautiful natural light. Some watches are more advantageous and photogenic than others - the midday sun casts sharp shadows on their faces, and the sunset gives soft and golden lighting.

Stick to the plan that you and your photographer discussed before the wedding. Being late for one hour can ruin the whole shoot. Do not think that it only takes 10 minutes!

Many newlyweds want to see pictures made in reportage or documentary style in a wedding photo album. However, they instantly stop and turn towards the camera when they realize that they are being removed. Probably, this happens instinctively, but remember - if the photographer does not force you to look into the lens, continue to behave naturally and naturally to create successful reportage photos. A good photojournalist can create the full story of a wedding day and make artistic portraits of the newlyweds, without greatly involving them in photography. An experienced wedding photographer helps and guides in order to catch good moments and take the best pictures all day long. So relax and behave naturally, show how madly you love each other - and the photo session will turn out amazing!

It is much better to take photos of the newlyweds before the ceremony than to rush the bride and groom after the solemn painting for a portrait photo session while walking. Especially if the wedding ceremony is delayed, as is often the case. As a result, everyone is in a hurry to get to the party. Just enjoy the holiday - from a piece of cake in the face or some little thing that did not come out at 100%, as you expected. Take it as a proper part of the holiday, laugh and have fun. If the bride frowns at her new husband, the photos will be so different, don’t you think so? Assign a person who you fully trust and who knows your family and friends to organize invitees for group portrait photographs. This person will be able to gather the right people in the frame and let them go after taking a picture.

Often, brides go on fashionable little things in wedding photography and processing. Trends and fashion appear and go, so choose a photographer for your wedding with a classic style and approach, fearing a lot of digital manipulation and excessive processing of photos. It is very important that the style of wedding photography passes the test of time and the pictures do not lose their value for future generations.

10 mistakes that can ruin your mood on your wedding day. Makeup artist tips

When shooting a wedding for several years, I came across problems that brides make when preparing for a wedding. I talked with leading experts in creating style and based on their advice I decided to write a few words describing the typical mistakes that girls make in preparation for the wedding. Very often then, due to some trifle or oversight, the mood spoils for the whole day. They are not fatal, but can make you nervous and cool to spoil your mood.

Errors are different, but are built on the same scheme. By inexperience or out of a desire to save money, brides can make mistakes and make the wrong choice. A random trifle will take away self-confidence and spoil the image. To avoid this, try to avoid these errors and exclude them from your list initially.


The bride is sure that on the wedding day she should have a perfect eyebrow shape, the most magnificent eyelashes, smooth skin and fresh manicure. It's hard to argue with that. But “combat training” should not begin a couple of days before the wedding, but a little earlier. There is a chance to encounter pitfalls - for example, with skin irritation after hair removal or visiting a tanning bed, a rash after cosmetic cleansing.
These problems will add pre-wedding excitement and work for the makeup artist. Therefore, it is better to visit a beautician one to two weeks before the date you set. But you can go to a manicure or correct the shape of the eyebrows on the eve of the holiday. Fresh work of masters will make the image of the bride even more ideal.


Here are the two most important mistakes a bride can make when she thinks about her makeup. The first is to entrust the creation of the image to a girlfriend or sister who seems to be good at painting, and agreed to help. The second is to rely on your own strength, and simply purchase professional makeup products.
Professional work will always look better than amateur. A classy, ​​experienced make-up artist will immediately pick up funds that are appropriate for the type of skin and help determine the color scheme of makeup.
It is at least naive to expect that all the flaws in makeup will be hidden by the photographer when processing photos. Of course, he will do his best, but is it not important for the bride to look great here and now?
Therefore, the choice of a makeup artist needs to be attended to in advance. Indeed, a good specialist has a busy schedule. Portfolio review will help you make the final choice.


To feel confident, you need to think through every little thing. Rehearsing hairstyles and makeup is a great idea. This will help to understand whether the image is complete, or whether you need to change something. The makeup artist will be able to hastily try out several shades of lipstick and eye shadow, and finally coordinate them with the bride.
It’s better to spend several hours to be on top all day later than later to be upset because of work not done as we would like. Absolute confidence in its beauty will help the bride to relax in front of the photographer’s camera.

  1. Inappropriate Extravagance

Own wedding is a good reason to be stunning. Some girls take these words too literally. So there are shocking dresses that are not suitable for the type of figure, makeup resembling theatrical makeup, aggressive extended claws.
The created image in the first place should be harmonious. This does not mean that any creativity is prohibited. The main thing is that the bride should feel free and relaxed in her image, and not be out of place.


In the eyes of many people, Photoshop is a magical program that removes bruises and bags under the eyes in a couple of clicks, straightens the hair, makes the skin perfect and even hides excess weight. In fact, this is a working tool that helps the photographer professionally process images and remove some flaws.
The fact that the photos will be retouched by a specialist does not mean that it will be easy to turn unsuccessful makeup into successful one. The same applies to the condition of the skin on the face, and even facial expressions and selected poses. To get spectacular pictures, the newlyweds, for their part, will also have to work hard. This means taking responsibility for your appearance and listening to all the wedding photographer’s advice.


Without exception, all girls have some zest in their appearance, which makes them attractive. Well, if the bride does not want to be transformed beyond recognition, and expects to subdue the groom and guests with her natural beauty.
But one thing needs to be taken into account: at the sight of professional cameras and video cameras, any slightest flaw in appearance becomes clearly visible. Therefore, wedding makeup artists and stylists are so in demand among thoughtful brides. They help bring good natural data to the ideal. Even fresh, rested skin needs a smoothing tone. Even natural thick, naturally curly hair needs a specialist's hand. After all, this is not about a picnic in nature, but about an event that will be remembered for a very long time.


The morning of the bride is one of the most important strategic moments in the wedding day. It sets the pace and mood for all further actions. It is extremely important to spend it relaxed, without rushing, and at the same time productively.
Wedding is an energy-intensive event. Spend on your feet will have about 16 hours, and even more. Good sleep before this is just a vital necessity. This is a good reason not to spend hen and stag parties right on the eve of the celebration. No makeup artist can hide the fatigue in the eyes, noticeable in the morning.
As a rule, brides get up very early. You need to have time to take a shower and make a hairstyle in the salon, or take a specialist at home. In order not to create problems for yourself, you should make a wise decision - go to bed early. All important questions, such as the final seating plan for the guests, need to be settled during the day.


Each girl has her own opinion about what suits her more in clothes and makeup, and what is less. No one disputes the bride’s natural taste, but you don’t need to watch the makeup artist every second, indicating how to do his job.
This advice must be understood correctly. The bride and her team of professionals have a common task - to create an unforgettable wedding look. Nobody wants to hurt a girl, so you need to relax and trust a specialist. Thanks to his work experience, he can be more corny about how to draw arrows and apply blush. Indeed, in any work there are trifles inaccessible to the amateur gaze.


Working in a dark, poorly lit room is quite difficult for a makeup artist. The makeup applied in dim light can shock the bride when she looks in the mirror under good daylight. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare, if not the most spacious, but well-lit room, in which the bride's gatherings will be held.
If only one not the most powerful light bulb works in a large room, this is a bad option for work. It is better to take this into account in advance than to get a too yellow tone of the face or a thick layer of cosmetics.


Thoughtless adherence to the latest trends is best left to adolescents. To be fashionable is cool, but the bride’s task is not just to be fashionable, but to be harmonious, self-confident, holistic. First of all, it is necessary to start from the thought - what is going and suits me, how would I like to see myself? A small observation: classic solutions fail very rarely.

Here I tried to touch on most of the mistakes that future brides tend to make. Let this material help you prepare for the wedding even more thoroughly.

How to prepare for wedding photo session

Photography is, above all, creativity. And we need to tune in to this wave. Sit back. Imagine that you are not holding this magazine in your hands, but your wedding photo album.

What photo should it start with? - only you or with your loved one? Do you cuddle against his chest, or look into each other's eyes? Or maybe in this picture only your rings and bouquet?
How do you see yourself in these pictures? Romantic, funny, thoughtful, or maybe glamorous?
Is this photo album heavy? Are there many pages in it? Can I leaf through it all evening, enjoying the memories of your wedding?

Remember or write down these representations and be sure to tell the photographer about them at a preliminary meeting, even at the choice of a specialist who is entrusted to capture your wedding. Meet in a comfortable place for you, look at each other, talk about the weather, about your excitement, about your experiences. See - he will have something to say, because this is a wedding for you - for the first time. He saw dozens or hundreds of them, and he will certainly be able to give useful advice or reassure in some unnecessary experiences.
If shooting starts with the training camp and you plan to include these pictures in a photo album, take care of the aesthetics of the frame. Yes, "Photoshop works wonders." But let's not conjure over wedding photos. Let them be real, natural and originally aesthetic. And let the retoucher’s imagination be aimed at perfecting the picture, and not at redrawing it.

Browse wedding magazines, fashion magazines in advance, see photos on the Internet. If your eyes are hooked on some staged photo, do not be too lazy to go to the mirror and try to repeat the pose, facial expression. Ask your loved one to help you. You will be very surprised when copying any of the poses, you find that you are very uncomfortable to stand (sit, lie). Something you will not succeed at all. But then you will have an understanding of where to put your hands during your photoset, where to look. You will not be surprised if the photographer asks you to take a very uncomfortable position. You will save a significant part of the time because you will better understand what the photographer wants. The rest depends on the talent and skill of your chosen specialist.

Posing for a portrait photo, also remember the hands. And if the photographer gives you a pose at the mercy of you (“Well, do something yourself!” - and it happens), imagine that you are in front of a mirror, remember the pictures you liked from magazines. Just pretend like a little girl, just adjust the necklace or collar of the dress, or curl, as you would in front of a mirror. Hold your hands to you, as if holding something very dear to you in them. Raise the veil with your hands high-high, as if you want to cover the whole world with it, circle, don’t smile - laugh, don’t be afraid to look somehow wrong. Turn to the photographer sideways, back and turn on him. Try to repeat the same with an expression of surprise, mischievously, flirtatiously, gently. In general, turn away, let me take wonderful pictures of the weave of braid on your back, the beautiful line of your shoulders. Let your chosen one come to you and hug, holding a rose in his hands. Dance. Do not stop at one dance. Tango, rock and roll, disco ... This will be more than enough for the photographer to take a breath and take the initiative in the production into his own hands.

If you knowingly invited this particular wedding photographer, obey him, trust him. Even if he asks to pass from a bright sunny meadow into the shade. Even if an incomprehensible man with an incomprehensible golden contraption in his hands follows behind him. Even if he lays on the grass or climbs on the railing. Moreover, when all the wonders of juggling are exhausted, ask him to take a few more shots - just as you would like. If the wedding photographer reacts to a request to remove you on the palm of his fiance with poorly concealed horror, fantasize about the perspective. You can understand - you want cool photos. It can be understood - he does not want unsuccessful plagiarism. Find a compromise, joke, talk. A talented videographer uses this situation, and you will have a wonderful video about the photoset.

Remember that like your friends, the wedding photographer is also human. That he and you already have a decent number of hours, in a tense photo-hunt, without lunch break. He may get a little tired, and your initiative on the photoset, your help in organizing friends, in inviting your parents to take a picture will help him a lot. And your guests and relatives will have dear to their heart, professionally executed wedding photos.

Break the rules by their execution time. For example, a month before the wedding, look through the magazines, decide on the wishes for your image, put on your wedding shoes, make it a rule to go to them for several minutes a day.
In 2 weeks, finish all serious cosmetic procedures, leaving only easy skin care for your face and hands. Continue to carefully care for your lips. If you are a lover of tanning, find the courage to say goodbye to him at least a week before the wedding - accidental burns and stains from unevenly applied cream can be retouched in the photo, it is very difficult - in the video, but it will be impossible to fix the mood. Meet with a hairdresser, make a trial hairstyle (someone does it at a symbolic price, someone is much cheaper than the main one, because expensive varnishes, gloss are not used). Be sure to tell me if something is wrong - the hairstyle should decorate you, not strain. It is not necessary to hope that everything by itself will form on the wedding day. There will be time pressure, viewers, photos, videos. That is, the working conditions of the hairdresser will be objectively complicated.
For a week, prepare clothes for collections, baskets, other accessories. Meet with friends to discuss and even rehearse the ransom, give them assignment preparation tasks. If you are conducting a ransom or a walk in the style of a quest, check the planned places - are there repairs being carried out, is there a fence from a new construction site ...

2-3 days before the wedding, put on the dress with the thoroughness with which you will do it at the wedding, check whether the underwear you have prepared combines with the style of the dress. Let the person who will collect you on your wedding day assist you: hard in learning, easy in battle. If you are organizing a wedding without the help of a steward, call all the specialists. Make sure that they are in good health, remember you and understand correctly where and what time they need to come. Ask your friends to bring everything they need for the ransom, make sure that they understood and did everything right. If anything, there is time to fix it.
It is unlikely that unfinished business and excitement will allow you to spend the day on the eve of the wedding the way you should: relax and rest.

Wedding photography in a limousine

Today, one of the most popular wedding "accessories" is a wedding car - a limousine. There are a lot of brands of special wedding cars: Hammers, Mercedes, Lincoln, Chryslers - for every taste and pocket. Cars can be decorated on the outside with ribbons, fresh flowers, sometimes they are even painted to match the color of the bride’s dress. From the inside, LEDs and mirrors serve as decor. Sometimes, a wedding limousine is a whole work of art, so why not spend a part of the wedding photo shoot in this gorgeous car?

Of course, the car is not the most lighted and spacious place for shooting and it is unlikely that guests of the wedding with cell phones or novice photographers will be able to convey the atmosphere that prevails inside. Thanks to professional photo equipment and fast lenses, we will be able to convey the luxury, intimacy or fun that reigns in your wedding limousine.

We always try to conduct a full-fledged wedding photo shoot inside the car.

You can allocate time for it on the way to the ceremony. If the wedding limousine is full of guests - try to find some time while walking. As a result of photography, you will receive additional production and reportage photos that harmoniously complement the photo story about your wedding.

How to choose wedding shoes

It is impossible to imagine a complete image of a bride without wedding shoes. Shoes can be both a complement and an accent of the entire outfit as a whole due to the color or decor. Although, of course, white and beige wedding shoes have remained the leading trend for many years, more and more brides choose eccentric shoes - sneakers, sneakers, rubber boots :. In general, no matter what the bride is wearing, the main thing is harmony in her soul and a smile on her face! And if the shoes also have something in common with a wedding bouquet, dress, or headdress, it will be just amazing! If you are a fan of classics and can not imagine your wedding dress without shoes, consider the following important points when choosing them.

A selection of wedding shoes. What is important:

  • Season. If the wedding is held in summer, autumn or spring in dry weather - feel free to choose shoes, sandals are suitable for hot weather.

In winter, boots are the best option. You don’t have to wear fur warm boots, but if you can’t escape the street, take care of your feet and put on your boots! In the end, in the restaurant you will change yourselves to what will correspond to the room temperature.

  • Convenience and comfort. Wedding shoes for the bride should be very comfortable, keep in mind that you will spend all day in it, will walk and dance a lot. The best choice would be leather shoes. Wedding shoes for the bride with lace, satin trim look very tender. Shoes in the "retro" style will give your wedding image even more charm. These shoes are characterized by elegant details: enameled cameos, satin rosettes, handmade brooches.

-Wedding shoes should match the style and color of the dress. Shoes for the bride should be either in tone with the dress, or have something in common with its decoration and accessories of the wedding dress. With a short wedding dress, shoes on a wedge or platform, sandals or shoes with an open toe look spectacular. For tall girls, “girls in position” or lovers of comfort, the best solution would be a boat without a heel. Long classic dresses and dresses in the Greek style look great with high-heeled shoes.

  • Style of celebration. If you have an away ceremony you will be much more comfortable in low-heeled shoes.

And most importantly, do not forget, the main decoration of the bride is her sincere smile, and let corns and high heels not spoil your impressions of the most important day!

What to wear for photo shoot

1) Seasonality and comfort. A photo session lasts at least an hour, or even all day - you should be comfortable!

2) Layering. Dress, jacket, scarf ... Several layers of clothing allow you to completely change your image without changing clothes. As an example - take off your jacket, put a scarf on your shoulders - you have changed, but the image has remained in the same style and color scheme.

3)Different materials have different textures (surface): leather, jeans, knitted clothes. Coarse coarse-knit items look great.

4)The color scheme should be restrained, because the main task when choosing clothes for a photo shoot is to emphasize your face and figure without drawing attention to the outfit itself. Try to adhere to several basic colors both in clothes for a portrait photoshoot and for a family photoshoot. Clothing of family members should overlap in color, shape or pattern, as if uniting everyone.

5) Accessories. Do not forget about scarves, beads bracelets, hats. The main rule when choosing them is size, a thin chain will rather interfere, and large beads, on the contrary, will decorate the image.

5 Rules of Engagement Session for Pro Photographer

Every couple in love, who enjoys communicating with each other, often wants to find visual confirmation of their feelings and relationships.

Engagement photos are some of the most sought-after forms of photography, as most couples want beautiful, romantic, charming or funny photo stories in their album.

Try and you will succeed! In order for the photo shoot to go perfectly, you should prepare for it.

Meeting with a couple

Why is it necessary to get acquainted firsthand? This is very important because the couple will feel comfortable, not feel constrained in front of the camera. In addition to just dating, try to figure out what young people want. What places do they like, what are significant events connected with, are there any points in the city that are memorable for one or another occasion. Improve your communication skills at this point to create a great first impression.

Good customer preparation

One of the key points for a successful result will be the fact that the couple will prepare for their photo story with you. You should connect them to the elaboration of details: look for images, pick up accessories and clothes, maybe even put together a “picnic basket” (sandwiches and a thermos with coffee) so that hunger does not spoil the general mood.

Matching clothes

Clothing makes photoset! You can let your customers choose their own wardrobe in which they want to be at the photo shoot. Keep in mind that you must take into account two issues.

Firstly, men's and women's clothing should overlap in terms of images, colors and, ideally, even complement each other in design. Secondly, you, in turn, need to remember that a couple will definitely want to have some kind of picture in a frame on the wall, so it should not break out of the style and general appearance of the room in which it will hang. If you can’t foresee this in advance, be sure to include photos translated in monochrome in the finished work. Black and white photography will not spoil any interior.

Hairstyles and makeup

In addition to good clothes, models should have a beautiful look. And if for women, in most cases, it is not difficult to apply a completely photogenic makeup, then for men it is also necessary to remember that it is better to powder a little to avoid unnecessary shine on the skin.

Remind your customers about their hair. It is necessary to put them in order, because in most cases the disheveled hair in the photographs will look unkempt or as if they had forgotten to comb it. Since morning.

Start with a classic portrait

Before you go out, it would be better if you make some classic portraits indoors. If you can work in a studio with studio lighting, do it! If this is not possible, shooting in natural light is quite suitable. No one has yet dared to challenge the "classic" portrait at the window.

Spent half an hour creating a portrait will be like a warm-up, help the couple relax, and you will understand and decide which best shooting angles can be used when photographing these particular people.

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As one of the most popular vacation spots, Miami also offers some incredible venues for weddings.  Elegance goes nicely with beauty and selecting a wedding venue is important.  Those that love the location understand that the City of Miami is able to offer some of the most fantastic wedding venues for couples planning their important event.  A few of the amazing venue choices include Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach,Villa Woodbine, Four Season Miami, Mandarin Oriental Brickell Key, Alfred Dupont Building, and Fairchild Garden...

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Vizcaya Engagement Photo Story

With the help of Adobe Spark we transformed images for Vizcaya engagement photo session into a stunning visual photo story website. Check out this love story

Planning a Wedding is Easier with Experienced Professionals

The schedule ot an event is one of the most important items for coordinating all of the vendors.  Determining the event details is easier when someone knows an approximate date.  Also, the costs can be determined which helps with overall planning.  Knowing the total amount is often a priority for a couple and the best estimates will probably require good communication for each part of the event planning.  The coordinator should prepare a list with the understanding of how important the final amount is for those responsible for payments.  The accuracy of any estimations might be highly dependent on experience through all wedding arrangements and planning.  The event and planning can be more enjoyable with a good wedding planner

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Corporate photography: Vivid impressions without excessive importunity

Corporate photography is akin to the work of the paparazzi - the master will not be visible, while he is always in the center of events.

None of the guests will feel discomfort, being distracted by an outsider with a camera. Let your employees relax and feel at ease, taking pleasure in being yourself. No need to pose, the photo of corporate parties is not a graduation photo in the school album, where you had to take unnatural poses for yourself. On the contrary - everything is cheeky and simple, but to take the photos themselves, they will look very restrained and elegant, as if you specially posed for the master.

Portfolio, which contains the best photos of corporate parties, can be safely attributed to art. There is nothing superfluous, and at the same time capacious and rather grotesque - so that everyone can feel the mood that prevailed at the holiday. New Year, employee’s anniversary, honoring the boss, celebrating new achievements or new contracts - each of these events is worthy of the lens of the event photographer, and each such corporate photo shoot will be a great addition to the overall picture of your enterprise. After all, be that as it may, the enterprise is not only a work process, financial and technical achievements, but also the life of the team, which you want to make public. In short, you need to show that you not only work well, but also have a good rest.

Complete Guide to Vizcaya Wedding

Of all the days in our lives, weddings are usually among the most memorable. When else do we get dressed in the finest clothes we may ever wear and gather people to watch our most precious moments? For many people, the marriage ceremony best represents the honored couple. This is after all how they announce themselves to the world. It is no wonder why so many people choose a Vizcaya wedding venue each year.

As a photographer, there are few places in Florida that provide such a lovely backdrop for event pictures. With a style reminiscent of the European Renaissance, each photo from a wedding here could stand as a work of art.

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Wedding Planning Should Build Love Between A Couple

A wedding is a sacred way to unite a couple. The important process of wedding planning should build love between a couple. It is much nicer if the planning is done in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable. As some people know, social event planning takes some good coordination skills. Being prepared makes this much simpler and many people can appreciate helpful tips from other couples that have been successful at planning an enjoyable wedding. When planning out the wedding, a couple can focus on being happy and enjoy the process of dreaming together about their choices. Having fun is part of the best way to plan and a smart couple can enjoy each other while coordinating this important event. The love should grow and both people can understand why they are getting married. Take notes and include the love for each other as something you just know.

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Wedding Flowers

Fresh flowers are a frequent guest on holidays. Throughout history, it was flowers that adorned celebrations and gave them special pomposity. Weddings are no exception. To this day, flower arrangements take pride of place in the banquet hall and take up a significant part of the budget.

Flowers are a seasonal product! There are varieties that bloom in winter, there are those that bloom only in summer. Our mothers had no choice what they managed to get - that was the decoration of the hall. Today, in the age of technological progress and a huge leap in the agricultural sector, on any day of the year you can buy absolutely any flower. The only question is the delivery time, cost and quality.

The fact is that even in the Netherlands they have learned to artificially grow all flower varieties, but they can not compete with seasonal buds. And to create exactly the same climate that a flower needs is just as problematic. That is why it is possible to get the desired variety, however, you need to be prepared that it will differ from the "natural" counterparts. In addition, it is worth preparing a considerable amount to pay for transport costs and expenses for the maintenance of flower farms.

That is why a florist cannot guarantee you the shade of a particular flower. This is a product that depends on many factors. If you saw black roses in the Instagram photo, this does not mean that such exist. Remember that in our time everything can be photographed. Do not make a scandal if at the base of the petals the color of the roses turns into cream, yellow or even green. This is absolutely normal. Do you want the same shots as in the popular public? Ask your wedding photographer to slightly edit the desired pictures. Believe me, such trifles are not at all worth the spoiled mood on the wedding day. Flowers are beautiful in their own right, and no one will notice a half-tone difference from the dress.


A wedding is a day that almost every girl dreams of since childhood. And, of course, everything is perfect in dreams! However, harsh reality can make its own adjustments and anxiety, irritation and fatigue will come to the place of unlimited happiness.

Мain secret of comfort on the wedding day is the work of the organizer and coordinator. Do not think about the timely delivery of the cake, do not worry about the sound check of the group, do not hold a constantly ringing mobile phone. Such tasks and many others should not be your concern. This is work, work for professionals, and your most important task is to enjoy a unique event!

It’s worth thinking not only about your comfort. The guests and the team that works with you on this day also deserve this. After all, the mood of celebration and memories in many respects depend on them. Try to avoid long walks in the park on a hot day. Do not forget water and some kind of snack.

How to choose a wedding photographer?

How to choose a wedding photographer? When you start looking for a wedding photographer, you will come across dozens of different photographers who adhere to a variety of styles, techniques, and processing methods. At first glance it might even seem that they are all the same and it’s very difficult to choose your photographer. But you just have to carefully consider the choice of a photographer...

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If you want the perfect photo shoot, then you need to start planning it in 2-3 weeks. So you can slowly think through the image, find a make-up artist and most importantly – choose the time that is most convenient for you in a suitable photo studio.

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The Importance of High-Quality Wedding Photography: Why it Matters

When someone is planning their wedding, there are a lot of details that the family is going to have to consider. This includes items such as the dress, the food, the venue, the guest list, and more. It is easy to see how this can overwhelm someone who doesn’t go through this process on a regular basis. Because of this, it is easy for someone to overlook something as important as wedding photography. Hiring a wedding photographer, for too many couples, might be viewed as a last-minute add-on; however, this could end up being a big mistake. Deciding on a wedding photographer should be just as important, if not more important, than many of the other details that the couple is going to have to put together. There are several reasons why professional wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the big day.

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Photographer for your wedding celebration

Wedding is one of the brightest and most solemn events in the life of every person. Such a beautiful event must be captured by a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding photos occupy an important place in the family album, they keep the story of your family. They are shown to guests, friends and children. The most important requirement for a wedding photographer is the ability to shoot weddings beautifully. Wedding photographer must see the composition and be able to catch exciting wedding moments that convey the emotions of that day.

Among hundreds of thousands of modern wedding photos, it is not easy to find those that are distinguished by originality. People strive for some originality.
A fairly small number (in percentage) of photographers can offer some fresh ideas for the wedding. And the services of those professionals who can do this are usually quite expensive. Here, the newlyweds should think about it - invest in a beautiful and unique memory of the most memorable day of life, or save by getting high-quality, but worn-out shots.

For many people, it is important that wedding photos remain a personal asset, and not be put on the Internet in a portfolio without permission. The ethical moment is very important when choosing a wedding photographer.

If the budget is limited, but you need a cool photographer, there is a solution. To invite a good photographer to a part-time wedding, paid hourly, many now offer such services.

At a wedding walk, it is advisable to pay attention only to the newlyweds, this is the time when you can take beautiful staged photographs and it is desirable that no one distracts you.

Sometimes you can see wedding photos, looking at which it feels like there was one photographer and the newlyweds. Or, on the contrary, that the groom and the bride hid so that no one saw them. In order to prevent this, it makes sense to invite two photographers. Especially if your wedding has 50 or more guests. No matter how good a photographer is, a photographer alone will simply not be able to capture the whole variety of events taking place among so many people. After all, it is very important that the memory of such a significant event remains with each participant in the celebration. It often happens that one of the guests does not get into the frames, and then, especially if it was a relative, insults and lamentations begin.

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