Waiting for a baby is a very anxious period in the life of every family. Definitely worthy of professional photography . All nine months, future parents feel both joy and happiness, sometimes excitement. A pregnancy photo shoot is not only a memory for many years, in beautiful photographs, but also pleasant emotions from shooting. For a future mother, this is an opportunity to feel more beautiful and confident. Therefore, it is very important to choose a pregnant photographer that is right for you!

I always advise you to use the services of a makeup artist. I, in turn, select the appropriate lighting and angle for the future mother and of course spend a magazine retouching of a certain number of photos. Sometimes expectant mothers worry about weight gain or other temporary changes associated with pregnancy. I want to reassure you, if I am your maternity photographer, then you do not have to think about it. I approach the retouching especially carefully, I have been doing this for a long time and I know all the nuances of these same "temporary changes"

Where is it better to shoot? In the cold season, it is better to use the studio. Cons of studio shooting - time limit. You can also take maternity photoshoot in your apartment or in the house, if there are large windows and a lot of light, in this case the photos are more emotional and lively. In the warmer months, these options are added the ability to shoot outdoors, in parks, estates, scenery, botanical gardens.

I want to focus on, if your other half agrees to the shooting, be sure to come together. Pregnancy photoshoots with a husband are very touching! It is also a way to have fun and strengthen family relationships.

Clothing about images for taking pictures. If you wish, you can use the services of a stylist image maker. If you decide to use your own wardrobe, then together with you we will pick up the images. And also I provide free peignoirs and bodysuit for pregnant women.

How long is the best time to shoot?
The best time for everything to go easy is from 22 to 32 weeks.

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