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Choose a true professional, not a person with a digital camera and a website. Make sure that the photographer has a special education or has passed a sufficient photographic school and has gained great experience working as an assistant or independently, which allows him to confidently shoot under any circumstances and conditions. Expect the cost of a professional wedding photographer to be around $ 3000 to $6000. When you find a cool wedding photographer, book him/her right away! The best photographers are booked for a year or more in advance and they are always busy. Nothing is more frustrating than missing on your favorite photographer.

If the newlyweds did their homework well, choosing an experienced and responsible wedding photographer, you should not demand from him too many frames and their takes - the main thing is not the quantity, but the quality and content of the photos. Sometimes brides want to save a little or feel that the presence of two photographers at a wedding will be too intrusive. But think about it: the second photographer offers throughout the day yet another unique point of view and perspectives that the first will not have.

Engagement photosession will help the bride and groom feel more confident and comfortable in front of the camera and will allow you to get photos in a fun and informal atmosphere. Also, during the shooting of love story, the newlyweds will see how and when the photographer jokes and asks to do something to get the right mood in the frame, which develops a trusting and comfortable feeling during the wedding day.

Beauty is really very subjective. I ask my clients to send a photo of themselves before the wedding, where they like themselves, and one on which they did not work out. Before the wedding, tell the wedding photographer about photos that you don’t like. It can be anything: “We don’t like pictures that we don’t smile at” or “We don’t want to have close-up portraits taken with a wide-angle lens - it fills us up and we look kind of weird.” It is better to discuss all the technical features before shooting, otherwise, after such comments during the shooting, the creative spark of the photographer may completely fade away.

alk to your photographer before completing a schedule for your wedding. There are many important points to consider - when is it better to take pictures during the day and at what time is the most beautiful natural light. Some watches are more advantageous and photogenic than others - the midday sun casts sharp shadows on their faces, and the sunset gives soft and golden lighting.

Stick to the plan that you and your photographer discussed before the wedding. Being late for one hour can ruin the whole shoot. Do not think that it only takes 10 minutes!

Many newlyweds want to see pictures made in reportage or documentary style in a wedding photo album. However, they instantly stop and turn towards the camera when they realize that they are being removed. Probably, this happens instinctively, but remember - if the photographer does not force you to look into the lens, continue to behave naturally and naturally to create successful reportage photos. A good photojournalist can create the full story of a wedding day and make artistic portraits of the newlyweds, without greatly involving them in photography. An experienced wedding photographer helps and guides in order to catch good moments and take the best pictures all day long. So relax and behave naturally, show how madly you love each other - and the photo session will turn out amazing!

It is much better to take photos of the newlyweds before the ceremony than to rush the bride and groom after the solemn painting for a portrait photo session while walking. Especially if the wedding ceremony is delayed, as is often the case. As a result, everyone is in a hurry to get to the party. Just enjoy the holiday - from a piece of cake in the face or some little thing that did not come out at 100%, as you expected. Take it as a proper part of the holiday, laugh and have fun. If the bride frowns at her new husband, the photos will be so different, don’t you think so? Assign a person who you fully trust and who knows your family and friends to organize invitees for group portrait photographs. This person will be able to gather the right people in the frame and let them go after taking a picture.

Often, brides go on fashionable little things in wedding photography and processing. Trends and fashion appear and go, so choose a photographer for your wedding with a classic style and approach, fearing a lot of digital manipulation and excessive processing of photos. It is very important that the style of wedding photography passes the test of time and the pictures do not lose their value for future generations.

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