10 mistakes that can ruin your mood on your wedding day. Makeup artist tips

When shooting a wedding for several years, I came across problems that brides make when preparing for a wedding. I talked with leading experts in creating style and based on their advice I decided to write a few words describing the typical mistakes that girls make in preparation for the wedding. Very often then, due to some trifle or oversight, the mood spoils for the whole day. They are not fatal, but can make you nervous and cool to spoil your mood.

Errors are different, but are built on the same scheme. By inexperience or out of a desire to save money, brides can make mistakes and make the wrong choice. A random trifle will take away self-confidence and spoil the image. To avoid this, try to avoid these errors and exclude them from your list initially.


The bride is sure that on the wedding day she should have a perfect eyebrow shape, the most magnificent eyelashes, smooth skin and fresh manicure. It's hard to argue with that. But “combat training” should not begin a couple of days before the wedding, but a little earlier. There is a chance to encounter pitfalls - for example, with skin irritation after hair removal or visiting a tanning bed, a rash after cosmetic cleansing.
These problems will add pre-wedding excitement and work for the makeup artist. Therefore, it is better to visit a beautician one to two weeks before the date you set. But you can go to a manicure or correct the shape of the eyebrows on the eve of the holiday. Fresh work of masters will make the image of the bride even more ideal.


Here are the two most important mistakes a bride can make when she thinks about her makeup. The first is to entrust the creation of the image to a girlfriend or sister who seems to be good at painting, and agreed to help. The second is to rely on your own strength, and simply purchase professional makeup products.
Professional work will always look better than amateur. A classy, ​​experienced make-up artist will immediately pick up funds that are appropriate for the type of skin and help determine the color scheme of makeup.
It is at least naive to expect that all the flaws in makeup will be hidden by the photographer when processing photos. Of course, he will do his best, but is it not important for the bride to look great here and now?
Therefore, the choice of a makeup artist needs to be attended to in advance. Indeed, a good specialist has a busy schedule. Portfolio review will help you make the final choice.


To feel confident, you need to think through every little thing. Rehearsing hairstyles and makeup is a great idea. This will help to understand whether the image is complete, or whether you need to change something. The makeup artist will be able to hastily try out several shades of lipstick and eye shadow, and finally coordinate them with the bride.
It’s better to spend several hours to be on top all day later than later to be upset because of work not done as we would like. Absolute confidence in its beauty will help the bride to relax in front of the photographer’s camera.

  1. Inappropriate Extravagance

Own wedding is a good reason to be stunning. Some girls take these words too literally. So there are shocking dresses that are not suitable for the type of figure, makeup resembling theatrical makeup, aggressive extended claws.
The created image in the first place should be harmonious. This does not mean that any creativity is prohibited. The main thing is that the bride should feel free and relaxed in her image, and not be out of place.


In the eyes of many people, Photoshop is a magical program that removes bruises and bags under the eyes in a couple of clicks, straightens the hair, makes the skin perfect and even hides excess weight. In fact, this is a working tool that helps the photographer professionally process images and remove some flaws.
The fact that the photos will be retouched by a specialist does not mean that it will be easy to turn unsuccessful makeup into successful one. The same applies to the condition of the skin on the face, and even facial expressions and selected poses. To get spectacular pictures, the newlyweds, for their part, will also have to work hard. This means taking responsibility for your appearance and listening to all the wedding photographer’s advice.


Without exception, all girls have some zest in their appearance, which makes them attractive. Well, if the bride does not want to be transformed beyond recognition, and expects to subdue the groom and guests with her natural beauty.
But one thing needs to be taken into account: at the sight of professional cameras and video cameras, any slightest flaw in appearance becomes clearly visible. Therefore, wedding makeup artists and stylists are so in demand among thoughtful brides. They help bring good natural data to the ideal. Even fresh, rested skin needs a smoothing tone. Even natural thick, naturally curly hair needs a specialist's hand. After all, this is not about a picnic in nature, but about an event that will be remembered for a very long time.


The morning of the bride is one of the most important strategic moments in the wedding day. It sets the pace and mood for all further actions. It is extremely important to spend it relaxed, without rushing, and at the same time productively.
Wedding is an energy-intensive event. Spend on your feet will have about 16 hours, and even more. Good sleep before this is just a vital necessity. This is a good reason not to spend hen and stag parties right on the eve of the celebration. No makeup artist can hide the fatigue in the eyes, noticeable in the morning.
As a rule, brides get up very early. You need to have time to take a shower and make a hairstyle in the salon, or take a specialist at home. In order not to create problems for yourself, you should make a wise decision - go to bed early. All important questions, such as the final seating plan for the guests, need to be settled during the day.


Each girl has her own opinion about what suits her more in clothes and makeup, and what is less. No one disputes the bride’s natural taste, but you don’t need to watch the makeup artist every second, indicating how to do his job.
This advice must be understood correctly. The bride and her team of professionals have a common task - to create an unforgettable wedding look. Nobody wants to hurt a girl, so you need to relax and trust a specialist. Thanks to his work experience, he can be more corny about how to draw arrows and apply blush. Indeed, in any work there are trifles inaccessible to the amateur gaze.


Working in a dark, poorly lit room is quite difficult for a makeup artist. The makeup applied in dim light can shock the bride when she looks in the mirror under good daylight. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare, if not the most spacious, but well-lit room, in which the bride's gatherings will be held.
If only one not the most powerful light bulb works in a large room, this is a bad option for work. It is better to take this into account in advance than to get a too yellow tone of the face or a thick layer of cosmetics.


Thoughtless adherence to the latest trends is best left to adolescents. To be fashionable is cool, but the bride’s task is not just to be fashionable, but to be harmonious, self-confident, holistic. First of all, it is necessary to start from the thought - what is going and suits me, how would I like to see myself? A small observation: classic solutions fail very rarely.

Here I tried to touch on most of the mistakes that future brides tend to make. Let this material help you prepare for the wedding even more thoroughly.

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