How to prepare for wedding photo session

Photography is, above all, creativity. And we need to tune in to this wave. Sit back. Imagine that you are not holding this magazine in your hands, but your wedding photo album.

What photo should it start with? - only you or with your loved one? Do you cuddle against his chest, or look into each other's eyes? Or maybe in this picture only your rings and bouquet?
How do you see yourself in these pictures? Romantic, funny, thoughtful, or maybe glamorous?
Is this photo album heavy? Are there many pages in it? Can I leaf through it all evening, enjoying the memories of your wedding?

Remember or write down these representations and be sure to tell the photographer about them at a preliminary meeting, even at the choice of a specialist who is entrusted to capture your wedding. Meet in a comfortable place for you, look at each other, talk about the weather, about your excitement, about your experiences. See - he will have something to say, because this is a wedding for you - for the first time. He saw dozens or hundreds of them, and he will certainly be able to give useful advice or reassure in some unnecessary experiences.
If shooting starts with the training camp and you plan to include these pictures in a photo album, take care of the aesthetics of the frame. Yes, "Photoshop works wonders." But let's not conjure over wedding photos. Let them be real, natural and originally aesthetic. And let the retoucher’s imagination be aimed at perfecting the picture, and not at redrawing it.

Browse wedding magazines, fashion magazines in advance, see photos on the Internet. If your eyes are hooked on some staged photo, do not be too lazy to go to the mirror and try to repeat the pose, facial expression. Ask your loved one to help you. You will be very surprised when copying any of the poses, you find that you are very uncomfortable to stand (sit, lie). Something you will not succeed at all. But then you will have an understanding of where to put your hands during your photoset, where to look. You will not be surprised if the photographer asks you to take a very uncomfortable position. You will save a significant part of the time because you will better understand what the photographer wants. The rest depends on the talent and skill of your chosen specialist.

Posing for a portrait photo, also remember the hands. And if the photographer gives you a pose at the mercy of you (“Well, do something yourself!” - and it happens), imagine that you are in front of a mirror, remember the pictures you liked from magazines. Just pretend like a little girl, just adjust the necklace or collar of the dress, or curl, as you would in front of a mirror. Hold your hands to you, as if holding something very dear to you in them. Raise the veil with your hands high-high, as if you want to cover the whole world with it, circle, don’t smile - laugh, don’t be afraid to look somehow wrong. Turn to the photographer sideways, back and turn on him. Try to repeat the same with an expression of surprise, mischievously, flirtatiously, gently. In general, turn away, let me take wonderful pictures of the weave of braid on your back, the beautiful line of your shoulders. Let your chosen one come to you and hug, holding a rose in his hands. Dance. Do not stop at one dance. Tango, rock and roll, disco ... This will be more than enough for the photographer to take a breath and take the initiative in the production into his own hands.

If you knowingly invited this particular wedding photographer, obey him, trust him. Even if he asks to pass from a bright sunny meadow into the shade. Even if an incomprehensible man with an incomprehensible golden contraption in his hands follows behind him. Even if he lays on the grass or climbs on the railing. Moreover, when all the wonders of juggling are exhausted, ask him to take a few more shots - just as you would like. If the wedding photographer reacts to a request to remove you on the palm of his fiance with poorly concealed horror, fantasize about the perspective. You can understand - you want cool photos. It can be understood - he does not want unsuccessful plagiarism. Find a compromise, joke, talk. A talented videographer uses this situation, and you will have a wonderful video about the photoset.

Remember that like your friends, the wedding photographer is also human. That he and you already have a decent number of hours, in a tense photo-hunt, without lunch break. He may get a little tired, and your initiative on the photoset, your help in organizing friends, in inviting your parents to take a picture will help him a lot. And your guests and relatives will have dear to their heart, professionally executed wedding photos.

Break the rules by their execution time. For example, a month before the wedding, look through the magazines, decide on the wishes for your image, put on your wedding shoes, make it a rule to go to them for several minutes a day.
In 2 weeks, finish all serious cosmetic procedures, leaving only easy skin care for your face and hands. Continue to carefully care for your lips. If you are a lover of tanning, find the courage to say goodbye to him at least a week before the wedding - accidental burns and stains from unevenly applied cream can be retouched in the photo, it is very difficult - in the video, but it will be impossible to fix the mood. Meet with a hairdresser, make a trial hairstyle (someone does it at a symbolic price, someone is much cheaper than the main one, because expensive varnishes, gloss are not used). Be sure to tell me if something is wrong - the hairstyle should decorate you, not strain. It is not necessary to hope that everything by itself will form on the wedding day. There will be time pressure, viewers, photos, videos. That is, the working conditions of the hairdresser will be objectively complicated.
For a week, prepare clothes for collections, baskets, other accessories. Meet with friends to discuss and even rehearse the ransom, give them assignment preparation tasks. If you are conducting a ransom or a walk in the style of a quest, check the planned places - are there repairs being carried out, is there a fence from a new construction site ...

2-3 days before the wedding, put on the dress with the thoroughness with which you will do it at the wedding, check whether the underwear you have prepared combines with the style of the dress. Let the person who will collect you on your wedding day assist you: hard in learning, easy in battle. If you are organizing a wedding without the help of a steward, call all the specialists. Make sure that they are in good health, remember you and understand correctly where and what time they need to come. Ask your friends to bring everything they need for the ransom, make sure that they understood and did everything right. If anything, there is time to fix it.
It is unlikely that unfinished business and excitement will allow you to spend the day on the eve of the wedding the way you should: relax and rest.

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