Wedding photography in a limousine

Today, one of the most popular wedding "accessories" is a wedding car - a limousine. There are a lot of brands of special wedding cars: Hammers, Mercedes, Lincoln, Chryslers - for every taste and pocket. Cars can be decorated on the outside with ribbons, fresh flowers, sometimes they are even painted to match the color of the bride’s dress. From the inside, LEDs and mirrors serve as decor. Sometimes, a wedding limousine is a whole work of art, so why not spend a part of the wedding photo shoot in this gorgeous car?

Of course, the car is not the most lighted and spacious place for shooting and it is unlikely that guests of the wedding with cell phones or novice photographers will be able to convey the atmosphere that prevails inside. Thanks to professional photo equipment and fast lenses, we will be able to convey the luxury, intimacy or fun that reigns in your wedding limousine.

We always try to conduct a full-fledged wedding photo shoot inside the car.

You can allocate time for it on the way to the ceremony. If the wedding limousine is full of guests - try to find some time while walking. As a result of photography, you will receive additional production and reportage photos that harmoniously complement the photo story about your wedding.

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