How to choose wedding shoes

It is impossible to imagine a complete image of a bride without wedding shoes. Shoes can be both a complement and an accent of the entire outfit as a whole due to the color or decor. Although, of course, white and beige wedding shoes have remained the leading trend for many years, more and more brides choose eccentric shoes - sneakers, sneakers, rubber boots :. In general, no matter what the bride is wearing, the main thing is harmony in her soul and a smile on her face! And if the shoes also have something in common with a wedding bouquet, dress, or headdress, it will be just amazing! If you are a fan of classics and can not imagine your wedding dress without shoes, consider the following important points when choosing them.

A selection of wedding shoes. What is important:

  • Season. If the wedding is held in summer, autumn or spring in dry weather - feel free to choose shoes, sandals are suitable for hot weather.

In winter, boots are the best option. You don’t have to wear fur warm boots, but if you can’t escape the street, take care of your feet and put on your boots! In the end, in the restaurant you will change yourselves to what will correspond to the room temperature.

  • Convenience and comfort. Wedding shoes for the bride should be very comfortable, keep in mind that you will spend all day in it, will walk and dance a lot. The best choice would be leather shoes. Wedding shoes for the bride with lace, satin trim look very tender. Shoes in the "retro" style will give your wedding image even more charm. These shoes are characterized by elegant details: enameled cameos, satin rosettes, handmade brooches.

-Wedding shoes should match the style and color of the dress. Shoes for the bride should be either in tone with the dress, or have something in common with its decoration and accessories of the wedding dress. With a short wedding dress, shoes on a wedge or platform, sandals or shoes with an open toe look spectacular. For tall girls, “girls in position” or lovers of comfort, the best solution would be a boat without a heel. Long classic dresses and dresses in the Greek style look great with high-heeled shoes.

  • Style of celebration. If you have an away ceremony you will be much more comfortable in low-heeled shoes.

And most importantly, do not forget, the main decoration of the bride is her sincere smile, and let corns and high heels not spoil your impressions of the most important day!

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