What to wear for photo shoot

1) Seasonality and comfort. A photo session lasts at least an hour, or even all day - you should be comfortable!

2) Layering. Dress, jacket, scarf ... Several layers of clothing allow you to completely change your image without changing clothes. As an example - take off your jacket, put a scarf on your shoulders - you have changed, but the image has remained in the same style and color scheme.

3)Different materials have different textures (surface): leather, jeans, knitted clothes. Coarse coarse-knit items look great.

4)The color scheme should be restrained, because the main task when choosing clothes for a photo shoot is to emphasize your face and figure without drawing attention to the outfit itself. Try to adhere to several basic colors both in clothes for a portrait photoshoot and for a family photoshoot. Clothing of family members should overlap in color, shape or pattern, as if uniting everyone.

5) Accessories. Do not forget about scarves, beads bracelets, hats. The main rule when choosing them is size, a thin chain will rather interfere, and large beads, on the contrary, will decorate the image.

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