5 Rules of Engagement Session for Pro Photographer

Every couple in love, who enjoys communicating with each other, often wants to find visual confirmation of their feelings and relationships.

Engagement photos are some of the most sought-after forms of photography, as most couples want beautiful, romantic, charming or funny photo stories in their album.

Try and you will succeed! In order for the photo shoot to go perfectly, you should prepare for it.

Meeting with a couple

Why is it necessary to get acquainted firsthand? This is very important because the couple will feel comfortable, not feel constrained in front of the camera. In addition to just dating, try to figure out what young people want. What places do they like, what are significant events connected with, are there any points in the city that are memorable for one or another occasion. Improve your communication skills at this point to create a great first impression.

Good customer preparation

One of the key points for a successful result will be the fact that the couple will prepare for their photo story with you. You should connect them to the elaboration of details: look for images, pick up accessories and clothes, maybe even put together a “picnic basket” (sandwiches and a thermos with coffee) so that hunger does not spoil the general mood.

Matching clothes

Clothing makes photoset! You can let your customers choose their own wardrobe in which they want to be at the photo shoot. Keep in mind that you must take into account two issues.

Firstly, men's and women's clothing should overlap in terms of images, colors and, ideally, even complement each other in design. Secondly, you, in turn, need to remember that a couple will definitely want to have some kind of picture in a frame on the wall, so it should not break out of the style and general appearance of the room in which it will hang. If you can’t foresee this in advance, be sure to include photos translated in monochrome in the finished work. Black and white photography will not spoil any interior.

Hairstyles and makeup

In addition to good clothes, models should have a beautiful look. And if for women, in most cases, it is not difficult to apply a completely photogenic makeup, then for men it is also necessary to remember that it is better to powder a little to avoid unnecessary shine on the skin.

Remind your customers about their hair. It is necessary to put them in order, because in most cases the disheveled hair in the photographs will look unkempt or as if they had forgotten to comb it. Since morning.

Start with a classic portrait

Before you go out, it would be better if you make some classic portraits indoors. If you can work in a studio with studio lighting, do it! If this is not possible, shooting in natural light is quite suitable. No one has yet dared to challenge the "classic" portrait at the window.

Spent half an hour creating a portrait will be like a warm-up, help the couple relax, and you will understand and decide which best shooting angles can be used when photographing these particular people.

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