We are sure that you are preparing for the wedding very carefully, thinking through every little thing. However, some things could be missed. We have prepared 7 of the most important tips that will help make your wedding easy and carefree. And you - look and feel 100% on this romantic day!

All tips are based on the experience of our brides. They gladly shared with us their observations and life hacks!

  1. Have a hearty breakfast before the wedding!
    In excitement and in a hurry, you can forget about food and remember about it only on the way to the registry office. Then you will have neither the opportunity nor the time to eat. And hunger is not the best companion of the bride. Remember to have breakfast and, just in case, take a snack with you (e.g. fruits, cheese, cookies).

  2. Do not spare money on trial makeup and hair
    Even if you trust your stylist, you need to make a probe to roughly imagine what suits you and what does not. A lot of stories about how brides had to do their hair or makeup on their wedding day, because they did not go professional, make you think.

  3. Make a spare boutonniere
    After the wedding ceremony, all guests will certainly want to hug you. And the more guests, the greater the chance that your groom’s buttonhole will take over and lose his appearance. Take a spare so as not to worry about such a trifle!

  4. Antistatic wedding dress
    Almost all wedding dresses are sewn from synthetic materials, so no one gives a guarantee that your outfit will not start to stick to your legs. Handle the antistatic spray well and forget that such a problem could ruin your appearance!

  5. Do not press the wedding bouquet to your chest
    The main fear of the bride is to ruin the wedding dress. Therefore, keep the bridal bouquet at a distance and in no case press it so as not to get dirty.

  6. Try on the wedding dress again 1-2 weeks before the holiday
    If you buy a wedding dress in advance, be sure to wear it again in a few weeks to make sure that it still fits perfectly. You could lose weight or get better, buy other shoes or new underwear. For 1-2 weeks, you can have time to adjust the wedding outfit by your standards!

  7. Do not worry about trifles!
    Do not let some troubles spoil your holiday. Incidents and unforeseen situations are what you will remember with your husband for many more years and laugh at them. Remember, if you can fix something, do it, if not, relax and start enjoying the wedding! After all, you have it once in a lifetime!

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