It seems to us that it is not worth worrying about wedding signs. Moreover, some of them are very good. We offer you the TOP-7 of the happiest signs that promise a long and cloudless life together.

They say that if the bride combed her left palm during a wedding banquet, then the married life will be not only long, but also rich.

Rain or snow at the wedding - much to my happiness. So do not worry about the bad weather at the holiday. Better - how to prepare: stock up with umbrellas, raincoats and options for a photo shoot indoors.

The bride’s tears on the wedding day also prophesy a happy marriage. If the bride cries at the wedding (of happiness, of course), then the marriage will not cry.

Getting lost (getting stuck in traffic) during a trip to the ceremony is a great sign. Some advise specifically to go to a wedding on a long and confusing road to scare away evil spirits.

To stumble or fall on a wedding day is not bad at all. This was considered evidence that you have found your soul mate.

If you think that the wedding is in December, to the fact that you freeze, you are mistaken.The love of spouses who married in December will be stronger every year.

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