Choosing a Wedding Dress

What could be more romantic than a wedding ceremony on the ocean. Waves breaking at your feet and snow-white sand between your toes will create an ideal tropical atmosphere of a wedding celebration. In preparation for the beach ceremony, it is very important to pay due attention to the choice of a wedding dress, which is ideal for the tropical theme in style and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. In this regard, we have selected a short list of the most useful tips that will help you choose the perfect dress in which you will look and feel great on your most important day.

Fabric selection

A huge number of different fabrics are used to make wedding dresses and their choice is also great but not all of them are suitable for the ceremony on the beach. Some materials are too warm, you will feel hot and uncomfortable in them, while others are too tender for a beach ceremony and photo shoot, they can be easily ruined when wet. But there are certain materials that are ideal for this topic, we recommend fabrics such as chiffon, charmeuse and tulle.

Chiffon is perhaps the most popular material for a beach ceremony. He gained his popularity due to his lightness and airiness. In addition, this material practically does not crease, which is its indisputable advantage. The chiffon is very easy to smooth and perfectly fits the figure.

Charmeuse (light satin) is almost weightless and very soft material, which makes it ideal for a wedding on the beach. In addition, this material has an amazing sheen that looks great in photographs. But it is better not to wet it in the ocean, when wet it can easily break.

Fatin is another popular material for a beach wedding dress. Besides the fact that it is light and magnificent, and this perfectly adds volume to the wedding dress, this material is also not at all expensive, so the dress will not be a pity to stain in the sand.

Style selection
A tropical beach wedding is generally less formal than a traditional wedding in a registry office or church. Therefore, a classic magnificent wedding dress may look inappropriate on the beach. The ideal dress for such a celebration is light, airy, creating a soft and smooth silhouette of your body.

In addition, we recommend avoiding dresses with a long train stretching along the ground. In the photographs, the train that stretches along the coast behind you looks spectacular only until it gets dirty and wet. It is ideal that such a train be unfastened from the dress, then it can be fastened especially for photographs and unfastened if it is very dirty and will spoil the image.

Many brides rely on high heels when trying on dresses, because they can change the whole appearance of both the dress and the bride in it. However, do not forget that a beach wedding dress should look equally good both with high heels, and with flat shoes or even bare feet.

How to travel with a wedding dress?
Traveling with a wedding dress can be quite difficult and even expensive. The smaller and lighter your dress, the less stress you will get during the flight. We highly recommend that you purchase a special cover for the dress and costume. We do not recommend handing the dress over if it will be possible; just take the dress packaged in the case directly on board. Only in this case you can be sure that your dress will not be ruined or lost.

When checking into the hotel, immediately discuss with the hotel staff whether they can iron and steam your dress the day before the ceremony. If there is no such service at the hotel, will they be able to provide an iron in your room. If you are afraid to spoil the dress with self-ironing, it is better to contact a professional dry cleaning service.

Remember that you need to take a small sewing kit with you so that in case of slight damage during a long journey, you yourself can tidy up your dress.

If you don’t want to trouble yourself with a voluminous wedding dress, you can rent it from us upon arrival. We pre-selected dresses that are best suited for the beach ceremony and in general for the ceremony in the tropics. Our staff will send you options for dresses, and upon arrival in Bali will bring the selected dress directly to the hotel for fitting.

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