he coronavirus epidemic , marching around the world, has made adjustments to the life of entire states. Mass events and sports are canceled, borders and international airports are being closed. It would seem that the wedding and coronavirus what to do? Let's figure it out.

Many engaged couples wondered if the wedding should be canceled due to coronavirus? What to do if more than one month has been prepared for the celebration: rings, costumes and a restaurant have been ordered, a contract has been concluded with a wedding agency. What measures to take to protect yourself and the guests of the wedding. Well, here you can read about organizing a wedding yourself: step-by-step detailed instructions.

Future newlyweds are worried whether to postpone the wedding date or not. It all depends on what time the celebration is planned. If the event was scheduled for the last months of this spring, then you should think about canceling the wedding and reschedule it for a later date.

If you want to get married just at the appointed time, consider the option of a simple painting in the registry office , and a festive party can be organized later. So you protect relatives and friends from the threat of disease. Or arrange a chamber wedding with a small number of invited guests. In any case, a holiday during a pandemic will add to you a sense of anxiety and will not allow you to fully enjoy moments of happiness.


Have you planned a wedding for the coming months? You need to contact the contractor. Review your contract with the organizer of the wedding, pay attention to the points regarding force majeure.

Find out about the available options for transferring a celebration, discuss prepayment with a contractor. Do not rely on verbal agreements; all details must be spelled out in the contract.

In case you have already ordered a banquet hall and made an advance payment, please inform in writing about the postponement of the date.


Thanks to modern technology, preparations for the wedding during the coronavirus pandemic can be arranged online. For example, the professionalism of the host, you can appreciate at home, sitting at your computer. You can also hold meetings with the wedding organizer on Skype and discuss all issues. In this case, you do not need to go anywhere, stand in traffic jams and expose yourself to the danger of infection.

Some firms practice on-site trying on home to customers. If the bride orders an individual tailoring, you can arrange the arrival of the designer. Professional firms will always find a way to satisfy all customer requests, and remote communication will not affect quality.

Through video communications, you can agree on all the sketches and contracts, and the portfolio of presenters, photographers, makeup artists to receive by e-mail and carefully examine in a relaxed atmosphere.

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