Spring Wedding 2020 | 5 Main Trends for an Unforgettable Spring Wedding

Spring wedding has its pros and cons, but if the newlyweds have already decided on the date of the ceremony in the most romantic time of the year, then you should know all the main fashion trends for organizing a spring wedding in 2020.

Trend No. 1: Wedding Dress Details

When choosing a wedding dress each bride finds a certain repetition of trends in stylish photos on Instagram and in collections of designers. Wedding dresses with a neckline “boat”, or otherwise “bateau”, are grateful for their popularity to the main bride of 2018 Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex also revives fashion for wedding tiaras. A variety of bows, magnificent sleeves and sparkle (both incredibly bright and barely noticeable) can decorate a fashionable wedding dress in the spring of 2020. Special attention should be paid to the trend for wedding overalls. American and European fashionistas have already appreciated how comfortable wedding overalls can be at away ceremonies.

Trend No. 2: Branded Invitations

Unique invitations and non-standard wedding branding of menus, signs, napkins and other things are gaining popularity. Brides order wedding branding in non-standard stationery departments. The monograms on the cakes or the decoration of the bar at the exit ceremony will make your wedding truly unique, so you need to choose a good company that provides catering services. Strong companies in the field of catering have the opportunity to decorate their equipment to your wedding style and create exactly the cake design that you need.

Trend # 3: Trendy Wedding Colors in Spring 2020

To organize a banquet in honor of the wedding, you can use one of the fashionable flowers of 2020 in the design. After several years of using pastel colors, fresh and vibrant burst into the design of weddings bright and rich colors - burgundy, turquoise and emerald. Such colors for decor elements, dishes, even bridesmaid dresses will be in perfect harmony with the young spring greens at the visiting ceremony.

Trend No. 4: Flowers

The banquet decoration for weddings does not lose its relevance. Flowers can be used in the design of a banquet hall or a tent at an exit ceremony, and you can also order a special floral wedding presidium that will perfectly complement the atmosphere of a wedding in nature. Round presidiums and arches of various geometric shapes are popular this spring. Dahlias, peonies and buttercups will be especially popular in bouquets and buttonholes..

Trend # 5: Unusual menu items

Special attention deserves a banquet menu for a wedding in the spring. Couples become more creative by choosing picturesque on-site ceremonies, which in a special way affects the choice of food. Now, it is important for catering companies to be able to create not just a banquet, but an unusual buffet, in which a separate bar is dedicated to one type of product, for example, a seafood bar. Food and drinks should be liked first of all by you and your guests, so you can serve your favorite dishes in a stylish design.

Fashion trends for a wedding in 2020 have their own rules and patterns, but they are all aimed at making each wedding unique and unforgettable in its own way.

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