20 Tips From Professional Wedding Photographer

A wedding photo shoot has long become an integral and very important part of the celebration itself. So that she brings real pleasure to the bride and groom, and photos pleased you for many years, follow these simple rules from professional wedding photographer

Agree on a wedding day schedule with a wedding photographer

Pictures taken in natural light are very beautiful and vibrant. The photographer will tell you when it is better to set aside time for shooting in order to avoid sharp shadows, excessive contrast and a bright, blinding sun.

Follow the schedule clearly

Take your wedding day schedule with all responsibility. Delay in an hour can significantly affect the quality of photographs. Do not think that 10 minutes will be enough for shooting, and try not to linger.

Ask the guests with the camera not to interfere with the work of a professional

Almost every celebration, there is a friend or relative who has brought along semi-professional or professional photo equipment and is trying to shoot as many additional frames as possible for the newlyweds. In fact, such a zealous assistant only interferes with the work of the pros you hired. Just ask this person, if any, to leave the camera at home and relax at your wedding.

Hire a second photographer

If you still want to be shot from different angles, presented with a different vision of your couple and the style of shooting, then do not rely on an amateur photo. Hire a second photographer - so the likelihood that you will be delighted with wedding photos will be one hundred percent.

Explain how you would like to appear in the photo

Beauty is a subjective concept, so itโ€™s better to explain to the photographer how you would like to see yourself in wedding photos. Better yet, give him some examples of pictures in which you like and vice versa. It is easier for people in the creative profession to assess the situation visually - then there will definitely be no problems.

Do not overly focus on the photo shoot

A good photographer should be able to make not only beautiful production shots, but also to capture the best moments of the wedding day, quietly shoot high-quality portraits and not distract the newlyweds from communicating with guests more than they should.

Designate the person responsible for group shots.

At the wedding everyone wants a photo with the bride and groom. If you are planning a large number of guests at your celebration, then assign someone from your friends or relatives the position of organizer of group photos. In this case, the process will not be so long and tiring.

Do not strive for excellence

Everything happens at the wedding, not everything always goes according to plan. Remember that a smile is your main weapon against circumstances. Do not worry about trifles, the roughness of the wedding day will soon be forgotten, and photos with your happy smile will remain in the family album.

Do not postpone all group photos for a while after the ceremony

Take time before the ceremony to take some pictures of the bride and groom. If you want to take joint photos only after you officially become husband and wife, then you risk not having time to visit all the planned places for the photo shoot.
Do not get carried away with posing

The best shots come when you are natural. Do not depict anything, just show your sincere feelings, and the photographer will certainly catch the most touching moments.

Do not look at the camera all the time.

In continuation of the topic of posing - do not also constantly look at the camera. Behave naturally, the photographer will direct you in the right direction and ask you to look at him when necessary.

Book a photographer in advance

The best pros are very much in demand, so do not wait or choose too long. If you know who you want to see as your wedding photographer, book your wedding date as early as possible.

Do not require too many images

A lot does not mean quality. A good photographer does not need to take a few takes to catch the perfect shot. Also, do not write a huge list of mandatory personnel, including basic ones. We are sure that the photographer himself knows what must be captured. Better focus his attention on the unusual photos that you want.

List the frames that you do not need.

Someone does not like too distant shots, someone doesnโ€™t like shots taken with a wide-angle lens. Or maybe you do not want the photographer to take you from a certain angle? Then be sure to tell him about it so that he does not waste time on those shots that you obviously will not like.

Choose a photographer with whom you can easily find a common language

If your communication with the photographer was not successful from the very beginning, then wedding photography risks turning into a stressful and not quite comfortable process for you. No matter how professional the photographer is, his personal sympathy for you, as well as yours for him, increases the chances of an excellent result of collaboration.

Do not give up on the love story

Shooting a love story is the chance to get to know your photographer better. At the wedding, you will already feel more confident in front of the camera, and the photographer will appreciate your successful camera angles, temperament and style of your couple.

Choose a professional

Do not save on wedding photography, trust only professional photographers. Believe me, having saved, you can be very disappointed in receiving pictures. And to repeat this happy day will no longer be possible.

Do not get involved in photo trends

Trends in wedding photography can be very relevant, but they will not overshadow the classics. Some new-fangled tricks are unlikely to be clear to your children and grandchildren, years later. Better let your photographer shoot in a classic style with little experimentation and not go too far with the processing.

Do not forget about the details

You spent so much time and effort preparing for the wedding, that it would be a real crime not to capture the result of your work in detail. Especially if there are any decor elements made by you or your loved ones. Such personal details deserve special attention on this day.
Smile and have fun

Let me remind you about a smile again. We mentioned it but it does not hurt to repeat - when you go to meet each other before the ceremony, look into the eyes of your soulmate and smile. And ask the guests not to be sad and not look sadly under their feet or on the phone, because this is the most solemn moment of the day!

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