14 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

The couple that laughs together, stays together, so start your marriage off right with loads of fun on your wedding day. And capture that fun on film. Here are 14 fun wedding photo ideas to consider for your special day:

Create an Optical Illusion

I don’t know about you, but optical illusions have never lost my interest. And they can be extra fun in your wedding pictures. These can be done in many ways, but here’s my favorite: The bride hikes up her skirt to show off her legs. Though everyone is expecting smooth and feminine, out pops the groom’s hairy and very masculine leg instead. Be sure to take the picture from the side for the full effect. This photo will provide shock value for decades to come.

Recreate the Infamous Spiderman Scene

Mary Jane kissing Spiderman upside down is one of the most iconic kissing scenes of our time. The groom does not have to dress as Spiderman- unless he just wants to- but hanging upside down while kissing his bride will make for one sweet picture.

Fantastic Four is Always a Great Option

Of course, you can choose Fantastic 4 recreations for more excitement. The Reed Richards and Sue Storm wedding provides a great photo opportunity- the actual wedding at the end of the movie. The bride and groom could dress up as these two lovable characteristics as they run from their wedding to save the day. If you just so happen to have a helicopter in your backyard, the almost-wedding at the beginning of the movie would work, too. 

Let the Primal Need Out

If you are looking for humor, take it back to prehistoric times. The groom can throw his bride over his shoulder to carry her to or away from the wedding ceremony. “Me man, want woman” can be a fun caption.

The Bridal Party Salon Trip

And really, what can be more humorous than having a wedding party salon day…with the groom? Line the bridesmaids and bride down the salon chairs as they get their nails done. Have the groom right in the middle, having his done as well. If you can manage to wrangle all the groomsmen in, it would be priceless. 

The Impatient Groom

The wedding is all about the bride while the honeymoon is all for the groom, so they say. How adorable would it be to show the impatient groom trying to break down the bride’s dressing room door while the bridal party fights to keep him out? To drive the point home even farther and increase the hilarity, the groomsmen can be on the side of the door with the groom trying to hold him back.

She Put a Ring on It

It is always fun for the bride-to-be to show off her engagement ring and her girlfriends to surround her with hands over mouths, fanning themselves to fight back the tears. How about flipping the script? Have the groom stand around showing off his wedding band while his buddies imitate the bride’s friends.

A Real Shotgun Wedding

People like to talk about shotgun weddings, so why not give them something to talk about? The bride and groom can be standing side by side while holding their shotguns, or back-to-back as they aim them. This can be great fun for any couple, but would especially be enjoyable for couples who like to hunt together. 

Rapunzel Style

Have the bride at a window letting down her hair for her groom to climb up and rescue her. If the groom can jump up in a climbing pose, it would be all the better. 

The Runaway Bride

The bride should be wearing tennis shoes for this one as she is attempting to run away. The groom grabs on to her dress or veil in some way. Having the groom lasso his bride while she is running would make it even cuter.

Love is in the Air

Unless your ring bearer already thinks girls have cooties, you can probably talk him into giving the flower girl a smooch on the cheek. If you can get them to hold hands, that would make it even sweeter. (If you must, bribe them with cake. That should work.)

And Still in the Air

If you can manage the previous picture without too much fussing, take it a step further. Let the flower girl catch the bouquet while the ring bearer is off to the side, hands on his cheeks, and mouth wide open. If the little ones will not cooperate, maybe some grown-ups in your wedding party will.

Daddy of the Bride's Immortal Warning

If the bride’s daddy has not verbally threatened the groom before, he at least thought it. Help the groom remember it every day with a picture of him getting a stern “talking to”. If Daddy has some tough buddies, having them all surrounding the groom with crossed arms while he looks frightened would be hilarious, especially for the bride’s daddy. He will get a kick out of it for years to come. 

The Dog Would Work Here, Too

If the bride has a dog, try catching a pose with the dog staring the groom down. You could either put a caption on the picture, or a chalkboard around his neck that reads something like, “You better treat her right. Remember, I bite”. 

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