13 Feb 2021

sunday night after a rainy day
i delete all your pictures
i walked away from you

nights are the hardest
but i'll be okay

if we are meant to be
yeah we'll find our way
but now let it be

cause you know what they say
if you love somebody
gotta set them free

i love you but i'm letting go

little did i know love is easy
but why was it so hard?
it was like never enough
i gave you all still you want more

can't you see? can't you see?
what you want someone that i'm not
yes, i love but i can't
so, i am letting you go now

and baby one day
when you finally found what you want
and you're ready to open your heart to anyone
don't push people away again
easier, i know but it's also very lonely

i love you but i'm letting go
i love you but i'm letting go
i love you and i'm letting go

it is the only way, you know?

and from now on
i will hold my own hand
until one day you'll hold my lonely hand

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