14 Feb 2021


Remember the old day when we used to be? I'm always, all the time. Today is Feb 2021 and my life was stuck at the first time we met—when I saw those eyes and smile, when we used to not know each other.

But life must go on anyway.

Whenever you need me, you have my number; email addresses, even physical ones. Just knock, I'll be there. It's painful to put distance between us, but it's a must, as you once said. We have lost nothing, so don't regret anything, I guess?

This is not a farewell nor a closure, because I never say good bye. And as always, I'm still waiting for you. I don't know how this will end, which certainly won't last forever. So, for whatever comes next, ganbatte ^^9

Good night, ██████.

—yours truly

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