How to be a Stoic

Principles deals about three things.

1. Desire - what we should and should not aim for.
2. Action - how we should behave.
3. Assent - how we should react to situations.

Not everything is in our control. Focus on what you can influence and don't worry about the rest.

Follow moral virtue instead of pursuing wealth and comfort in life.

Four virtues
1. Temperance
2. Courage
3. Justice
4. Wisdom

Imitating and observing role models is an effective way to live a good life.

Pause and reflect; put yourself in the shoes of others, and you will better handle provocation and misfortune.

"Take a moment before reacting."

Take care to invest in truly good friendships and in good conversation for better life.

"Preferred indifferents"

"Reflect on the day before you sleep"

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