Day 1 #100days of writing

I decided to write for 100 days. I have taken this challenge to build a habit of writing. 

Why the habit of writing? Reading makes sense meaning you gain more knowledge. But what writing has to offer?

Hm, let me think.

I guess it makes you declutter your mind. To stash or empty your thoughts somewhere so that either you can be free about you stored

it somewhere or you get the feeling of sharing it with the physical world even if you don't share it with people. It gives your thought next natural evolution of interacting with the physical world and stop being a thought that fades away. It's like the thought being born into the world. So I would like to write not for becoming a writer or a blogger. But to declutter my mind and give a chance to the ideas that my brain think of to manifest in the material, physical world. Challenges have been my only source of motivation from my childhood; otherwise, I don't do things consistently even if they are essential.

So here I go — Day 1 of writing. 

5:42 am 18th June 2019 Indian Standard Time.

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