Day 2 #100days of writing

I have been reflecting on my past. I am in mid-30s, and I never pushed myself. I was able to survive with just one-quarter of my capacity. It has always been easy. There were challenging times, but I thrived with only an occasional burst of my best effort. 

So far, I was able to survive with my mediocre efforts. Maybe I aimed too low given where I started and where I am, I think I should have aimed even more. It's not that I'm not doing well in the walks of life, I feel that emptiness may be because of what people call "Mid-life crisis". I have a stable well paying job, beautiful family, but I feel like a great sophisticated machine which has been well oiled and well maintained but never used.

So I now decide to do something about it. To use the endowments that were bestowed upon me to its fullest capacity. That is the justice I would do to the Creator and the soul inside me. People strive for happiness, but what I think is, they strive for closure and fulfilment.

I see the coming days have lots of exciting things that could make my life even more fulfilling.

5:53 am 19th June 2019 Indian Standard Time

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