Day 3 #100days of writing

Today is the when I wanted to sleep more. But I tried to finish my morning rituals which I track through Fabulous( app But skipped few like checking my weight and walking.

I was lazy but pulled myself to go to office. Had a good breakfast my wife prepared and started on my 11 yers old Bike.

Had a great time at office meeting and usual stuff. I got good amount to time to read pomodoro technique which I am trying to incorporate into my day to day activities to improve my work ethic, to stay focussed and to reduce stress. 

Almost finished the book Pomodoro Technique illustrated. Just the last chapter pending. Will post a quick reference card in a day or 2. 

I think it's really a good fool proof technique to manage my day and navigate through complexities of the task at hand and seeing the big picture. 

When you get a chance do read about it. Wiki Link here

Going to do my ritual before sleep to meditate and then sleep. Bye for now. 

22:31 20th June 2019 Indian Standard Time

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