Day 4 #100days of writing

Friday.... awesome day.  No? Yes it is.

Had a productive and fun filled day. Finished up Pomodoro Iluustrated book that I mentioned yesterday and put in place templates to put the theory into practice.

My kid also enjoys Pomodoro to organise her study times. Learnt a lot of stuff. Trying to assimilate them slowly but steadily.

Listened to this song. "Rise up 2k16 feat Jaba.

"My dream is to fly so high above the rainbow."

"I try to fly a while high direction sky" 

The lines the echoes with the notion of human freedom. Loved it. 

On the way to killing mediocrity. One important thing that I learned today the best of people are mostly down to earth.

23:07 June 21 2019 Indian Standard Time. 

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