Day 5 #100days of writing

Almost forgot today to write stuff. Was watching India vs Afganistan world cup cricket match. What a nail baiter!

I am exhausted so much stress lol.  India came up on top at the end. winning by 11 runs.

Was searching for a book to start reading. Going to read the book "Atomic habits"

Also searching for top hundred books to read in English. Idea that crept into my mind from watching "The Equaliser" movie.

Also had a couple of motivational video watching time. Best quote from them.

"Throw away credit cards, the make you get behind the game.  you pay at least 20% interest."  - Warren Buffet.

"Ever Tried Ever failed no matter. Try again fail again fail better."  - Samuel Beckett via Peter Dinklage.

"Don't search for defining moments, they will never come. The moments that define you have already happened" - Peter Dinklage

23:39 22nd June 2019 Indian Standard Time

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