Notes: Experiential learning for developers

In Experiential learning for developers Allison McMillian provides guidance on facilitating workshops.

Checkout the video here:

Experiential learning for developers


  • Interactivity is about letting information sink in in a more effective way
  • People may think: “I don’t know enough to be a facilitator for this subject.” But you can all learn together.
  • Learning through reflection on doing


  • Goals - what do you want people to walk away with?
  • Trigger - the thing that they are experiencing and creates the discussion. Not complex but creative. - Discussion - tailor discussion questions to your goal.
  • Conclusion - close the workshop in a thoughtful way.This could be a statement or an action.
  • Supporting material - allow anyone in the future to pick up the workshop and run it themselves. - Materials needed - a list of all the things needed to run the workshop

Allison goes into more details on her blog Workshops for engineers:

  • Get comfortable with silence
  • Ask open ended questions
  • Make sure to call out people who haven’t spoken
  • Keep the discussion on topic but let it flow

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