Steve Worsley

✨Senior front-end developer @AutoTraderLife. Interested in design systems, learning and development, and the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Thoughts of the Month - Issue 1

As a way to decompress 💆‍♂️ from work I write a few notes on the way home. I’ll add some details and related links then they get posted to Twitter @iamsteveworsley and collected here for discussion. ⚡️ —— Updating a design system, consuming pattern/component libraries and consuming micro-frontends sure is tricky. More places it can fall over but hopefully with the code split the impact of the issues will be smaller. —— Anyone else find it hard to provide an immediate and useful update on you...
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Notes: Adopting Typescript at Scale

Brie Bunge takes us through Airbnb's approach to adopting Typescript. This is worth a watch to get a grasp of the process even if you're not using Typescript. Checkout the video here: https://youtu.be/P-J9Eg7hJwE Notes What doe scale mean in this context? Hundreds of developers at Airbnb now use Typescript as their primary language for front-end development. 2m lines of JavaScript needed converting, over 100 internal npm packages. 1300 engineers 200 of which work on the front-end. The id...
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Notes: How to Write Learning Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy

I'll admit that Course Design on a Shoestring Budget doesn't sound like comprehensive learning resource but I was able to digest and then explain what I'd learnt from this video suprising well! Checkout the video here: https://youtu.be/4DgkLV9h69Q Notes Bloom's taxonomy covers lower to higher order learning. Each level building on another. This includes: Lower order: Remember Understand Apply Higher order: Analyse Evaluate Create A advanced course might be tailored to higher order ...
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Hey you! What are you working on?

"Steve! What are you working on?" "Sausages! Lemon drizzle cake! It's currently 30°C with a light breeze on the western peninsular so slap on that sunscreen pop pickers!" Anyone else find it hard to provide an immediate and useful update on your work? Or say what you've been doing over the past week if asked out of the blue? For me I like the room to take on board a question and provide a thoughtful response so a question like this out of the blue can throw me. Then I trip myself up becau...
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Notes: How Google Makes Managers Awesome

Michelle Donovan discusses Google's data driven approach to discover what makes a great manager. Checkout the video here: https://youtu.be/QC_PGHkRvTw Notes The first step was to find out who were the best and worst managers using a performance review rating. This combined team favourability and high performance. They found that your manager at Google is the single biggest driver of your happiness. What makes an awesome manager in priority order: Is a good coach Empowers team and does ...
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Notes: Level Up: Developing Developers

In Level Up: Developing Developers Melinda Seckington from FutureLearn discusses what we can learn from gaming to help support our devlopers in learning and development. Checkout the video here: https://youtu.be/18MI6n9hFDI Notes Don’t overload new starters Trello onboarding board Support and guide new starters Provide a mentor Make it clear what people should focus on Goal setting Learning record Give people direct and timely feedback Provide space to learn and reflect from the ...
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Notes: Experiential learning for developers

In Experiential learning for developers Allison McMillian provides guidance on facilitating workshops. Checkout the video here: https://youtu.be/FI-WvXYCmIM Notes Interactivity is about letting information sink in in a more effective way People may think: “I don’t know enough to be a facilitator for this subject.” But you can all learn together. Learning through reflection on doing Formula Goals - what do you want people to walk away with? Trigger - the thing that they are experienci...
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Patterns Day

Today I was lucky enough to travel down to Brighton and attend #PatternsDay with a few developers and designers from @AutoTraderLife. It’s a great conference worth attending if you get the chance. Here are a few thoughts/themes from the day: Be reassured no matter how professional and together the design system showcases you see from large companies are they are struggling too. Whether your one person or a team you will still be reacting to changes, fighting fires and trying to convince people...
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