Notes: How to Write Learning Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy

I'll admit that Course Design on a Shoestring Budget doesn't sound like comprehensive learning resource but I was able to digest and then explain what I'd learnt from this video suprising well!

Checkout the video here:

How to Write Learning Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy


Bloom's taxonomy covers lower to higher order learning. Each level building on another. This includes:

Lower order:

  1. Remember
  2. Understand
  3. Apply

Higher order:

  1. Analyse
  2. Evaluate
  3. Create

A advanced course might be tailored to higher order domains and students will be expected to have foundational knowledge.

Thatโ€™s not to say a course tailored toward higher learning wonโ€™t have aspects for lower order domains.

To create a learning objective:

  • Start with a stem sentence e.g. "After completing the lesson, the student will be able to..."
  • Determine a learning outcome
  • Combine with a verb from Bloom's wheel tool

It's quite a short video so it'd be worth just watching the whole thing.

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