Notes: Level Up: Developing Developers

In Level Up: Developing Developers Melinda Seckington from FutureLearn discusses what we can learn from gaming to help support our devlopers in learning and development.

Checkout the video here:

Experiential learning for developers


  1. Don’t overload new starters
    • Trello onboarding board
  2. Support and guide new starters
    • Provide a mentor
  3. Make it clear what people should focus on
    • Goal setting
    • Learning record
  4. Give people direct and timely feedback
  5. Provide space to learn and reflect from the past
  6. Provide opportunities to apply new skills
    • We need to be the ones to find and offer opportunities for people to spend their training budget
  7. Acknowledge peoples growth
  8. Expose basic competencies and how they are used
    • How are values linked to role?
  9. Allow people to choose their own path
    • Generalise and specialise - frontend/backend - acknowledge skills not covered by labels
  10. Visualise what progression looks like

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