Note To Self: Check out these Open Source games

A few months ago I teamed up with Liam from GamingOnLinux to produce this video about Mindustry

In response, a viewer went above and beyond, and posted this lengthy list of open source games, and I felt it deserved wider visibility than being buried in a comment section. He even includes a short note about each title and where you should be able to obtain it. 

Public note to self: Jason, check these out sometime!

Here's the unedited (for now) list, verbatim, as the author posted it. If you're subscribed to this blog and want to make edits or additions, hit me with a response! 

  • Urban Terror (kinda CS:GO, but lighter, and i like it more - available on their website)
  • Battle for Westnoth (Turn based strategy with lovely graphics and gameplay - should be in Your distro's repo)
  • Veloren 
  • Cube2: Sauerbraten, Assault Cube, (FPS- in repo)
  • Red Eclipse (FPS - repo)
  • Widelands (Settlers 2 gold clone- in repo)
  • OpenTTD (Transport tycoon deluxe clone - in repo)
  • Endless Sky (Space strategy - in repo - personally like it a lot)
  • OpenRA (Red Alert and Dune 2 clone - on their website)
  • HedgeWars or Warmux (both are Worms clones - should be in repo)
  • FreeCiv and FreeCol (Clones of old civilization and colonization - repo)
  • Unknown Horizon (Anno clone - repo)
  • FreeOrion (Orion inspired game, similar to Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion - in repo - very good game, al tho it takes a moment to learn)
  • TeeWorlds (multiplayer worms like game but not turn based - repo)
  • SuperTux (mario clone - repo)
  • FreeDroidRPG (kinda Fallout type of game - older fallout, but with tux, and really cool game, nearly finished it. Do not mistake with FreeDroid - different, crappier game - both in repo)
  • OpenArena (Quake 3 clone on its engine, but may be hard to run - no update since 2012... -on their website, perhaps in repo too)
  • Frogatto (Platformer, quite nice - repo)
  • Pingus (Clone of Lemmings - repo)
  • Armagetron Advanced (Tron/Snake in 3D - light - in repo)
  • 0 A.D. (3D better version of Age of Empires - repo)
  • Abuse (Run and shoot game, quite cool - repo)
  • Bos Wars (Nice RTS in classic style - repo)
  • BZFlag (Multiplayer tank shooter, allegedly quite a few cheaters there - repo)
  • Chromium B.S.U. (Arcade Top scrolling space shooter, quite hard [i die in less than 2 minutes lol]- repo)
  • Colobot (Simple 3D graphics logical game that teach You concepts of programming - repo)
  • Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (fork of the 1997 game Linley's Dungeon Crawl -repo)
  • Fish Fillets NG (Some adventure game, i didn't play much - repo)
  • FlightGear (Microsoft Flight Simulator inspired clone - repo)
  • Frozen Bubble (You shoot color matching balls to destroy slowly lowering pile of them - Repo)
  • Mega Glest (3D RTS, quite fun to play - repo)
  • Globulation 2 (Interesting mechanics weird RTS, all tho fun to play - repo)
  • Lincity (Simcity clone, all tho... didn't manage to achieve much there, not sure if i do something wrong, i've played Simcity games before, but idk - repo)
  • LincityNG (As above)
  • Lugaru (3D game where You fight with the rabbit, bit weird, simple graphics, but interesting physics - repo)
  • Maelstorm (space shooter - repo)
  • MegaMek (Turn-based strategy - their website)
  • Micropolis (Very first SimCity, open sourced by author, under original name before changed to SimCity - repo)
  • Oolite (Elite clone - their website)
  • OpenCity (Another SimCity clone -was in repo, but their page nowdays i think)
  • Open Clonk (Interesting successor of Clonk series -repo)
  • Pioneer (Inspired by Frontier: Elite 2 -repo)
  • PokerTH (Poker Texas Holdem -repo)
  • Rigs of Rods (Car physics simulator, and more [contain monstertrucks] - their website)
  • Scorched 3D (Scorched Earth clone - still in repo i think)
  • Secret Maryo Chronicles (Cool mario clone using SDL - repo)
  • Seven Kingdoms (Bit old looking but good gameplay RTS - repo)
  • Simutrans (Transport Tycoon game -repo)
  • Speed Dreams ( Fork of TORCS -another car racing 3D game bit hard for me to steer in both of those open source games - on their websites)
  • StepMania (Dance Dance Revolution clone - used to be in repo, now their website i guess)
  • SuperTuxKart (mario carts inspired, very good game - repo)
  • Tremulous (Alien VS human base building, defending, and attacking opposite team. More of FPS, used to be in ubuntu repo, now i think their site, and i remember i had to compile it to run it. cause old packages and dependencies issues i think)
  • TripleA (complex good strategy game - repo)
  • Tux Racer (You slide from big hill with a penguin to the bottom collecting fish in the way - repo )
  • UFO: Alien Invasion (Inspired by the XCOM-series, but with 3D-combats on surface of the earth -repo)
  • Vega Strike ( first-person space trading and combat simulator. Many of the core game mechanics of Vega Strike are indirectly inspired by Elite. - their website)
  • Warzone 2100 (A must-play RTS, one of better ones on linux -repo)
  • X-Moto (Elasto Mania clone - repo)
  • Alex The Allegator 4 (gameboy style platformer for linux - repo)
  • Frets on Fire (Guitar Hero clone - repo)
  • Performous (bit as above but more - repo)
  • Freedoom (Classic Doom Clone)
  • Stunt Rally (3D racing game)
  • The Dark Mod (Thief Clone)

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