Wallpaper Set #1: A Premantura, Croatia Morning

Everything has a different kind of shine early in the morning. A layer of serenity, a rare stillness. Premantura, Croatia is a little pocket of heaven on earth that takes no exception to that. This village on the Istrian coast is normally overflowing with tourists in late August, but wake yourself up early enough and you'll find most of the shores devoid of humans, leaving you alone with your thoughts, the rhythmic lapping of the gentle waves, and the sharp crunch of rocks under your feet.

Yesterday I took a morning stroll along these shores (this is near Kamp Stupice) and was overwhelmed with the beauty I encountered. Such diversity of color within a few short kilometers! So I captured some of it, and then used Linux app PhotoCollage (likely available in your distro's software store) to create some wallpapers.

Help yourself to 1080p, 1440p, 4K and Ultrawide (3840 x 1080 just for you Schykle!) variants available via my Nextcloud server.

And feel free to share 'em. Nothing wrong with more people seeing the beauty of Croatia.

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