A bittersweet goodbye to Premantura

Today is bittersweet. I've been at the sea here in Premantura, Croatia for nearly 5 weeks. Intoxicated by the lushness of Istria. Amazed at the visibility of the night sky. Calmed by the absence of sound like the constant buzzing of city traffic. Inspired and energized by the stunning coastline. 

I'm leaving today, and sure, I'm yearning for the comforts of home (my amazing wife, food delivery, the office and speedy internet bandwidth!), but driving away from this place back to the big city is tinged with sadness.

To begin with, this is the most time I've ever consecutively spent at the sea. And when I say "at," I mean that you turn left out of your yard, take a 2 minute walk through a forest and you're there, ready for a dip or just some relaxation in the sun. 

Maybe that sea air really does have healing properties. When I arrived here, I got winded and downright exhausted after a laughably minimum amount of physical activity. Just days ago I hiked more than 10km and was invigorated by it. Suffice to say, it's been quite the recovery. (For those who may not know, I was diagnosed with Legionnaires Disease in late June).

Anyway, this is a magical place. Absolutely magical. I suspect if you're reading this blog you've also seen numerous Twitter or Facebook or Telegram posts from me, gushing about how gorgeous the scenery is here and showing the images to prove it.

Once this COVID-19 thing is in our rearview mirror, visit Croatia. Come to the Istria region. You'll fall in love with it.

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