Introducing My Band: First Single Clip + Lyric!

Hey friends, so when I was 16 years old I got my first guitar. I hunkered down in my basement, learning chords, practicing how to transition from one chord to the next, writing lyrics, and slowly figuring out how to put an original song together. 

Well, those early songs were terrible, but the point is this: nearly 30 years later, I've finally worked up the courage to start taking my music seriously. Earlier this year, I partnered up with my friend Jerry Morrison to form the band "More Sun." We released our first single "Brain Dead," with me on vocals and it's catchy as hell. 

(Some of you may recognize the music as the Linux For Everyone theme song.)

My next step is to introduce the world to Hurricane Blonde, a one-man band consisting of yours truly on vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. 

I'm just about finished mixing Hurricane Blonde's first single "Cascade," so I thought I'd share the lyric with you guys! 

Here's a little teaser for the track. Watch for it on your favorite music store soon! 

CASCADE by Hurricane Blonde:

Verse 1:

You are restless, you are reticent.
A cascade of failure bleeding through

You have no savior, no salvation
No determination to redeem you

You settle for the dust that settles
You reach and preach but come up short
There’s no failsafe
for you to crawl through
You’re just wasted
and you’ve wasted your last resort


It’s been a long time
It’s not the last time

Verse 2:

You washed up weary with a beggar's note
And twisted hope into a loser's game

Go wrap your fingers 'round that rusty cage
You call it prison with the comforts of home

You settle for the dust that settles
Fuel that need to bleed when the spotlight’s on you
There is no mystery to your existence
The karma biting you was long overdue

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