My Breakthrough Weekend

Going for it, all the way!

This past weekend was incredible. I was able to get a glimpse of what life could be like as both a copywriter and life coach.

I have a friend who's a couple years shy of retirement age, and was recently laid off. His resume looked like it could use some polish, and he admitted as much. He hasn't had to actively look for a job for at least 40 years.

With this, I saw a few golden opportunities. First, I could help a friend in need with my skills. I like to help my friends when they want it or need as a way for me to show my gratitude for our friendship.

Sometimes, gratitude and our giving of time goes way further than monetary things. I enjoy giving my time to my friends because I know they appreciate it, and don't abuse it.

The other opportunity was that I could put both my copywriting and life coaching skills to the test.

I gave him a call and offered both my services. He accepted, and so I asked him to do a bit of homework before we got together over the weekend. To my delight, he did the homework in earnest! He also showed up to our work session on Saturday morning with plenty of pens and paper to take notes.

We spent no less than 4 hours honing in on what was important to him. We dug in, and I started asking questions about what types of jobs excite him.

While the questions and answers were part of the life coaching part, it was also helpful for the writing part. I wanted to know who my target audience would be for his resume and cover letter, and this helped out quite a bit.

It was a day of discovery and without trying to brag, he came to know a lot more about himself that even he realized. He was able to achieve a new level of awareness, and excitement, about what he'd like to do next.

The change in his demeanor was more than clear. He went from a ho-hum, let's do this, to the point where he was eager to start his job hunt right away - on a Saturday, no less!

He went from, "these are the jobs I could do" to "this is the type of work I'd LOVE to do".

With that, I encouraged him to spend his time and energy pursuing the ones he'd love to do. Leaving the ones he found mediocre for someone else to try.

There's such a difference in our everyday lives when we do the things we truly love and appreciate, instead of the things we have to do because it simply pays the bills.

He's since texted and emailed me afterward to tell me how grateful and impressed he was about our session on Saturday.

This was the little piece of evidence I needed experience. Now I know I'm on the right path, and that this is the kind of work I'd LOVE to do myself.

I'm beyond grateful for my friend placing his faith in trust in me. And I'm grateful we got to work together for a tremendous outcome that I hope will benefit him soon. And, I'm especially thankful that I've seen what this kind of life could be like.

I'm so stoked! Thanks for reading.

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