#100Days, Day 20

Today was another pretty easy day. I did get a sort of a workout in as my wife and I went to her parents house so I could help my father-in-law remove a busted fridge from their house.

It wasn't their main one, it was an overflow fridge elsewhere in the house, and it was older than my marriage.

Taking it out was fairly easy, but they had a spare one in their garage that they wanted to move into the old one's spot. We tried to bring it in, but it was too big to fit where the other one was, so we had to take it back to the garage and put it back and hook it back up.

That gave me my workout because I'm usually not very active. So, moving the heavy fridges around was definitely some exercise I needed. I was also in a fasted state, so I hope the extra activity helped burn off some extra fat cells, too.

We took the old fridge to a charity donation drop-off, and then the four of us went to dinner. After coming home, back to relaxation mode, and so, here I am.

I'm about to settle into another episode of Chernobyl. I started it last night and watched two episodes. Very gripping movie about an event I remember happening when I was still in high school.

Well, I'm off to the show, and then to bed, then tomorrow will be my last of a beautiful 5-day holiday weekend/mini vacation. It's been pretty damn good so far, I must say.

Have a good night.

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