#100Days, Day 29

Well, it's been another busy week, but all in all I don't mind. Mostly because it's been "busy enough" without being crazy or chaotic. So that makes me wonder, is it because it's really not, or because I'm coping better?

This week I've had sit downs with two people that know my story and my struggle. One thing I was able to share with both of them is this profound sense of contentment I'm feeling these days. I attribute it mostly to my adopting some of the Stoic principles, and it's been refreshing, calming, and even liberating.

I find that I'm not walking around pissed off at the world anymore, and I'm not anxious and easily aggravated. I've been feeling more patient, and even forgiving of things that would normally anger me, or even sometimes, send me into a rage. For what I've had to endure with PTSD, this is a profound achievement.

Along with these positive feelings, I've also been experiencing a lot more clarity. I think mostly because I'm not expending all my energy being furious, and using up my brain power to think of ways to make that person who cut me off in traffic pay dearly for doing so. It's actually very interesting how much mental capacity was consumed by my anger and frustration and wishing for some kind of justice for all transgressors, no matter how small.

I'm not saying that I've reached this total inner bliss through some kind of cult teachings, or that I'm fully reformed in some spiritual sense. But, what I am saying, and enjoying, is a solace in my mind and my heart that I've not experienced in so very long. Actually, I'm not able to truly remember the last time I could just relax and stop worrying or being mad at someone or something. I'm sleeping better, I'm engaging people better, it's pretty incredible.

Just to be clear, I do still get frustrated. Whether it's other drivers, or people I have to work with, there is a limit to my patience. But, the way I process it and express it seems to be much healthier, and less draining for me.

This is not to say I'm no longer flawed as a person. I very much am. And the fact that I'm learning these things so late in life, that perhaps I should have learned younger in life (if I wasn't being trained to kill my enemy by any means available), means that I'm never going to stop learning, either.

Hardly perfect, heavily flawed, and still learning. Yup, I guess that makes me a human being. Thank you, it's good to be here.

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