Azure End to End

Azure Tour

  • Four Pillars: Productive, Hybrid, Intelligent, Trusted
  • Biggest VM: 128 VCPUS, 3500gb memory
  • Now support nested virualization
  • Running a VM inside a VM inside Azure
  • Rich Management Experience

  • Update management: checks to see if OS is up to date, applies patches

    • Easy see if all the systems are patched and compliant
    • Change Tracking: Can see all changes happening within the VM or the instance itself
    • Inventory Management: Queries across applications/infrastructure
    • Disaster Recovery Support: Clone apps or VM's to run in any location
    • Can also fail over to the cloud
  • VM that you can run any operation against your environment

  • AZ Tool : Bash Command Line tool for azure management

  • Also have SDK libraries for languages

Monitoring inside Azure:

  • Custom Alerts, threshold triggers, metrics for resources

Azure Log Analytics:

  • Run Queries on all azure related activities
  • Contextual Event to see whats happening inside azure
  • Can chart using the queries, then pin that to the dashboard
  • See what browsers are hitting your websites real time
  • Pull out CPU data, IS request data from webserver, looking for correllation

Azure APP that you can download

  • see notifications and alerts
  • can open cli/vm tool and use command line


DevOps: VSTS, A complete DevOps Solution

  • VSTS Sprint and Kanband Management
  • Stuff we have already used/done before

Azure Machine Learning

  • Flexible AI model deployment

AI - Start with a sharp question.

  • ML different from regular programming, programming = step by step problem solving
  • ML is giving the computer examples of the right thing.
  • Azure ML Workbench -> (Derive Column by Example)
  • Know what data you have, build a model

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