Losing My Memrise Streak... Again

I lost my 140+ days (at most) Memrise streak today. Today I was greeted with a 0-day streak on half of the courses I usually do (it's only 8 now). Initially I thought I had forgotten, because of all the events yesterday. Having to go to the hospital early in the morning, and afterwards, the work (post-)Christmas party... which I also ended up leaving early to go to the hospital for another visit.

Then I remembered that I did finish it, early in the morning, while waiting at the cafe in the hospital. The internet was spotty, so the progress didn't sync. I probably should have used data instead, and checked on the website afterward, but it didn't cross my mind. You'd think after getting punched in the face by Memrise so many times in the last few years I'd be more careful... but... I honestly didn't care. Not anymore.

It's funny how I used to care so much about it. I mean, I won't go out of my way to destroy my streak, but if I forget... well. I've already lost my longest running one of 1549 days back at the start of November. That was entirely my fault, I was distracted, and did not finish all the courses. Over the years it's just become a number, not really a meaningful estimate of anything. Especially since Memrise's streaks are course-based, and if I'd taken that course seriously, I'd finish it much earlier and not even have such a long-running streak.

Keeping the number is purely nostalgia, because it reminds me of - and links me to - the time when I was just starting out on this language-learning journey. But I still have Duolingo for that. (Duolingo is another... thing that I've not been using very much since... its usefulness is limited. It's really best for the mid-beginner stage, terrible for complete beginners, and not much use for intermediate users. But I keep doing 1 a day for that 10XP, training German from French.)

I'm glad that I've finally gotten to this point. Anyway, I've been moving away from Memrise in the recent months. Especially after I've gotten used to Anki. I used to take Memrise much more seriously, doing it on the desktop. Mobile is just too easy, and I find I'm not learning much. I'm going to resume downloading my Memrise courses - though there's some small handling of dirty data that I'll need to fix in the script for at least one course. Then I'll import them into Anki and I can say goodbye to Memrise.

For real this time.

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