It occurred to me today that the Korean textbook doesn't have a map (of Korea)... or that we didn't cover it in class.

I did a quick look at the book and there's no map at the front or end of the textbook. It is possible it is hidden somewhere...

I know the French textbook that I had definitely had a world map because it was showing France and the French territories, basically la francophonie. (This is the textbook I can check, because I still have the very first textbook as I've never managed to sell it.)

I think the German textbook had a map of Germany at least, if not also of Switzerland and Austria.

The Italian textbook definitely had the regions of Italy, as I recall the teacher go through them in class. It was a very colourful map, and including a drawing of what is famous in that region if my memory does not fail me (it has been 5 years).

In fact, it is the memory of this Italian map that prompted me to think of the (lack of) a Korea map. Really, I was thinking about it initially in the context of the regions that are affected by the Coronavirus (!) in Italy. A news report I read yesterday listed a few regions and I was mentally thinking about where they were in Italy.

Korea is also badly hit by the virus, and I realise that I've not actually learnt the locations of the major cities.

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