Learning from Talk to Me in Korean

While browsing the Language Learners forum, someone posted something that led me to this site - Talk to Me in Korean.

I didn't listen to any of their Soundcloud lessons, but I've started to read through the content and it's a good grammar revision for my upcoming test.

I learnt that 이, 그, 저 can be attached before any noun to say "this [noun]"/"that [noun]", so for example 이 커피 means "this coffee".

Plus, I learnt a new expression for expressing desires: -고 싶어요. (I want to...)

You remove the 다 from the verb's dictionary form and attach it to the 고, much like the construct for expressing events that happen in a sequence.

So to say that you want to watch (보다) televsion: 텔레비전을 보고 싶어요.

I was wondering when we'd learn modal verbs in Korean... well, who know when that's in the book.

I've noticed that the site taught the particles much later on (and only the subject/topic particles, though they do explain the differences in emphasis), so their example sentences all didn't have the object particle. The sentence was given as 텔레비전 보고 싶어요.

I find the romanisation for everything (every Korean word or sentence) super distracting, but I guess if it's targeted at beginners and this is Level 1 and they don't apparently teach the alphabet... then that's probably why.

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