"What are you doing now?"

The Korean teacher initiated a chat about what we are doing now since it's a public holiday (Labour Day) today.

Some new vocab:

Korean English Notes
공휴일 public holiday
저는 두 번 봤어요. I watched it twice. Context was a movie.
당연하지요 of course Context was that the teacher commented that we were all at home (모두 집에 있어요), and this was the reply, given that we are pretty much in a lockdown.
대단해요 great; amazing
하나 더 있어요. There's one more.
구텐탁 Hello; Good day/afternoon (German) Guten Tag
구텐 아벤트 Good evening (German) Guten Abend
이히리베디히 I love you. (German) Ich liebe dich.

Okay so the last 3 is a bit of a joke. I said that I'm doing my German homework: 지금 독일어 수업 숙제를 해요. 저는 뉴스 기사를 읽어요. 월요일에 수업이 있어요.

Then the teacher asked me if I was learning German, and sent 구텐탁, which basically, if you read it out, sounds exactly like "Guten Tag".

It actually exists in the Naver dictionary, and after some prodding and trial and error, I found out how to say "Guten Abend" in this weird transliterated Korean.

Then she replied and said the only German she knows is 구텐탁 and 이히리베디히. I had to check Naver to see what the second one was, because the sound is quite different.

(She would know 아르바이트 as well but that's just a word and the meaning in Korean has changed... though I'm sure she knows the original meaning too.)

So I started out doing my German homework but in the end, was mostly revising my Korean instead.

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