Lesson 83 (Intermediate 2 Lesson 10)

We started this lesson with reviewing the Quizlet set for Chapter 8 (sentence). At the start of the class, it was just 3 of us who were present. Each one of us took turns to answer.

After that, it was to the video script sheet, and then to the textbook. For the video script, we only went through the dialogue, did not do any speaking for that portion.

We also listened to part of a song, 너 그럴 때면. While trying to find that video, I discovered it is a really old song, released in 1998.

I guess one reason for that is because we had the entire Chapter 8 in the textbook to cover, and that included both Speaking 1 and Speaking 2.

For the textbook, we went from p.180–p.191. Yes, we even did the Listening. For p. 191, which was given as a written assignment (to write answers to the interview questions), we went through the questions.

I don’t think there is anything else to add for this lesson, since usually I would not cover everything we do in the textbook, if at all. I just feel kind of sad that this was delayed a week simply because the post before this was incomplete. Anyway, onwards to the post for this week, which should also be a short one.


Korean English Notes
옆집 the house next door i.e. your neighbour
N에 놓고 내리다 to put something somewhere; to leave something behind somewhere 가방을 지하철에 놓고 내렸어요.
계단 stairs 계단에서 넘어져 버렸어요.


  • Textbook Chapter 8, p. 191–193 (Writing for the Speaking part + Reading and Writing)


  • Students: 4 out of 5 (the girl who went to Korea wasn’t here)
  • Breakout room activities: Yes, mixed.

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