Julie Reynders - Three Essays by Philosopher Peter Singer

Out of the three articles given, I have decided to write about "choosing death."

Peter Singer starts off the essay with an attention grabbing quotation which is isolated from the rest of the essay. “I WILL TAKE MY LIFE TODAY AROUND NOON. IT IS TIME.” This quotation was written in all capitols which makes reading it more impactful. I think this is a very good way to start an essay as it isn't clear what it's about and what the point of view is. There are also so many questions so we keep reading to get answers. It is clear that the more you read the article, Peter Singer agrees with volentary euthenasia.

Through this essay, we follow the story of Gillian Bennet's real life, written by Peter Singer. He uses her story as the main argument to back up his opinion. His first point is to why he thing euthenasia should be legal is as it's the patient who wants it. He uses a citation, from what I guess is an interview of Gillian Bennet speaking. She says "I want out." Singer then explains further using anecdotes from her life.
The second point he makes is that this procedure is both ethical and rational. He first goes on to state what an argument from the opposing side might sound like. In the following paragraph, he fully flips it on its head.
His third argument pro euthenasia is that it would be a waste for the medical staff and fasilities. He once again uses quotes said by Gillian Bennet. He also uses rhetorical questoins in order to engage the audiences thinking.
His forth and final point is that he suggests a new legilsation in which, "the law would allow a physician to act not only on a prior “living will” that bars life-prolonging treatment, but also on one that requests a lethal dose when the patient becomes incapacitated to a specified extent."

I wasn't able to find anything that showed up for the aftermath of this article.

In my perosnal opinion, I believe that anyone over 18 should be bale to receive voluntary euthenasia. Singer and I share this belief. Before this article I though this already, but when reading it it made my feelings stronger.

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